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Originally Posted by GBear View Post

Looks like tabi, which in turn look like hooves.


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I dont like doing 2 in a row but I had to because I am wearing the scarf that my swap partner smashwindow gave me, and it's awesome icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


supposed to snow today
Balenciaga panel coat
SS scarf
uniqlo jeans
Dayton x w+h boots
blanc & noir gloves
I should probably lock the focus next time :> thanks for all the love on the last fit
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Love that coat tog
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omg that coat inlove.gif

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Originally Posted by GBear View Post

Looks like tabi, not hooves.

Ya I know what tabis are. #powerrangersmovie

still think it looks off in that fit.

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tog as good as last one was , the mere fact that there's more contrast here makes it better in my opinion.
outstanding work esp with the glowing plant effect

though minus points for being filthy (shoes in bedroom) satisfied.gif
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New to the forum. Inb4 crucifixion. Also, some of you guys, from the shots, live in the nicest and coolest places. Australia is boring.

Flinders Lane




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Tog that jacket is incredible man.
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Sorry for posting a similar fit to my previous one. But IMO this is a better fit. Is it an improvement from the last one? Advice/critique/comment please.


The jeans in the picture looks like black because of the lack of light. The actual color is dark indigo.

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New here, living in the DC/Northern Virginia area. Starting to grow up a little bit and transition from less sneakers and t shirts to a more mature look. Figure this may be a good place to pick up some critism as well as inspiration for how to execute other pieces in my wardrobe. Here is what I wore the other day to go hangout in the city, pretty basic. Apologize in advance for the iphone pictures, one of these days I will purchase a DSLR.







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TOG - also, the weave of the scarf is amazing. love it.
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Artishard is the only one who can make these boots work so far.

Tirailleur, the boots are not good, imo.

Steve and tog fits are just fantastic!

Keep up with the good stuff, guys. Makes it fun to browse the thread.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







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^much prefer these to your suit fits (but this is sw&d after all).
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