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The majority? No way the majority. 

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i pluck ma brow hairs, just the uni hairs. its faint but i prefer none.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

yeah, I thought of that right after I posted.

Since you're not judging, I also trim my sack.

Just thought you might want to know. thumbs-up.gif

i laughed pretty damn hard at that. thanks for the 411. if you ever join secret santa ill know exactly what to get for you.
Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

I'm pretty sure the majority of dudes pluck their eyebrows, or there would be A LOT more unibrows out there. I had one in fifth grade shog[1].gif

i think you are projecting a tad there, good buddy. smile.gif
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uh, no way the majority of guys pluck their eyebrows. i have very long eyebrows and just use scissors and a comb.
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Yeah I know. Thanks.

I am never going to dress like a good majority of the guys here do. It's mostly too slim or edgy. There will always be a little more conservative or plain side to my outfits. Though I completely agree that getting the shit I own to fit me right will make the most significant difference.

Taking photos from a lower angle will avoid emphasising the shirt length too.
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When I look back through the different fit pictures i've posted, you can very quickly how some angles make my legs look 2ft tall. :)

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Maybe its in my head, but how often do you see a unibrow these days? It's like a once a week thing for me

And I KNOW that the vast majority of dudes don't have perfect fucking eyebrows naturally
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Perfect eyebrows and lack of monobrow are 2 seperate things. I don't do anything with mine other than trim 1 or two strays pointing upward. They're not perfect, but I certainly do not have a monobrow that needs maintaining.
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lol ok well perfect was probably hyperbolic but decent or passable at least
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In Korea, they trim your eyebrows when they cut your hair at a salon. Felt fucking weird
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I go to this place where they massage your head and put their boobs in your face. I think it's supposed to bring in tips but they do a good job nonetheless.
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I haven't heard of "hairdresser" being the new euphemism for "brothel", but I suppose "massage parlor" is getting a bit passe
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Scarf not in pic.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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