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Ah, sundays. High school kids have nothing to do but troll SF after church.
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thanks in a weirdly back-handed racist sort of way foo.gif
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that took a weird turn
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went home for christmas and found loads of really weird clothes I used to wear. Can I wear tweed because i'm at uni?
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fuji and dan real nice man, fits continue delivering
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yaya lolwut got deleted and thread it back to great status.
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This topic seems to come up fairly regularly, so I'm going to put all speculation to rest for the last time: I was actually born without a face. My photoshop attempts, poor as they are, are solely an effort to hide the gaping pit of howling madness that exists where my eyes, mouth and nose should be. I walk around like that in real life, too, with either a weird Ringu effect obscuring my visage, or a little hat that supports an 8-foot black 2x4. One time I forgot to cover it up and it sucked in a dog.
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Still a bit brisk out there.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Iron Heart type III denim jacket
S.N.S. Herning sweater
Epaulet rivet chinos
Adidas Sambas
Allyn Scura shades
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a real hero, real human bean.

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cool jacket, e.g.dan.
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I think my style suits this place more than mw...





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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

you post the same stuff every time:

too long buttondown
cheap looking slim jeans
some ugly shoes

those are like the worst grensons ever frown.gif

Just about every shirt I buy, whether casual or formal, seems to be too long in the shirt and sleeve length. However these new shirts I've been buying fit perfectly in the shoulder/chest.

I'm 5'9 but seemingly still too short for shirts in an L size. Though M size shirts are much too tight across the chest and shoulders. I find them really uncomfortable.

I've tried to take on previous advice to address the shirt length issues. Previously I was wearing formal shirts casually with denim which resulted in a hem of the shirt sitting as low as the crotch.

Perhaps it's the effect on the photo but this shirt does not actually come down as far as it may seem. There's a good 2 or more inches from the hem of the shirt to the bottom of the crotch.

I can easily get the sleeves taken up on shirts and it's fine. However I've been hesitant to try and get my casual shirts taken up as it seems to be a much more involved process.

With the denim, what would you suggest? I would not have thought Ksubi or Acne/APC denim (which is all I own), would be considered cheap denim. Suggestions?

One thing I am we'll aware of with my denim is that I need to get then hemmed properly. Rolling is making me look shorter than I already am.

And finally the shoes, well they're a matter of opinion. I appreciate many people don't like them, but I do. I like that they're a chunky shoe and the proportions look good IMO.
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Try some band of outsiders or thome browne shirts
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I always thought that the TB shirts were very slim? Also I havent seem many casual offerings - other than the OCBD.


BOO and Gitman Vintage 'look' to be the right shape from what I can tell - might give them both a go. 

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