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^multibanned user with multiple names who reappears periodically and seems to know everyone, i cant remember the last iteration. his posts are like otters. not 100% sure though. troll guessing is an art not a science.
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ah there's been so many forgettables can't possibly keep track of them all, this zero will probably be banhammered again
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Of all the delicious things to get jelly over in the last few pages, it was a masturbatory and self-promoting comment from an affiliate vendor that set you off?
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He's the enraged guy at the bar.
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A leather jacket killed his mother.
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"Hello my name is lolwut. you killed my mother. Prepare to be trolled"
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Ah, sundays. High school kids have nothing to do but troll SF after church.
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thanks in a weirdly back-handed racist sort of way foo.gif
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that took a weird turn
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went home for christmas and found loads of really weird clothes I used to wear. Can I wear tweed because i'm at uni?
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fuji and dan real nice man, fits continue delivering
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yaya lolwut got deleted and thread it back to great status.
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This topic seems to come up fairly regularly, so I'm going to put all speculation to rest for the last time: I was actually born without a face. My photoshop attempts, poor as they are, are solely an effort to hide the gaping pit of howling madness that exists where my eyes, mouth and nose should be. I walk around like that in real life, too, with either a weird Ringu effect obscuring my visage, or a little hat that supports an 8-foot black 2x4. One time I forgot to cover it up and it sucked in a dog.
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Still a bit brisk out there.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Iron Heart type III denim jacket
S.N.S. Herning sweater
Epaulet rivet chinos
Adidas Sambas
Allyn Scura shades
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