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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Damn, thanks Drew.

CDH I like your pants (surprise surprise) and I like brown with olive green, but I think you should have gone with a brown sheepskin jacket. You know, if you have one lying around.

Yeah I have a few lying around under my bed somewhere - lemme go grab one.
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post



Wore this shirt for the first time today and its a heavy cloth (being corduroy), so it looks a little boxy. Should soften a little with a few more wears and drape more. At least I hope so. 

Also left the house with a bigger than ideal watch on so when it was getting a little cold, doing the cuff up didn't work resulting in a heavily stacked sleeve. Wore the sleeves rolled up for the most part though. No pics though. Regardless, the sleeves are a little too long but fit is perfect in the shoulders and body (common issue for me).

Fit is supposed to be a little more relaxed I think, so I wore these looser fitting jeans. My Acne Max's were slightly too slim for this relaxed fit shirt.

Sorry couldn't work out how to get the second image into a spoiler tag.

you post the same stuff every time:

too long buttondown
cheap looking slim jeans
some ugly shoes

those are like the worst grensons ever frown.gif
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Edited by Benesyed - 1/13/13 at 9:51am
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^^would benefit from a more aggressive taper imo, also judging from left boot in the second picture you don't seem to be really filling out these shoes.

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You are an astute man. I feel the same way on both those points. The boot issue doesn't bother me enough yet to get new boots, I have a pair in mind that I want. Waiting for the price to get where I want it. Lace up military boot style. They were fine when I got them but I guess the wear has widened them.

Was looking at these too. I am not very discerning when it comes to sidezips. All black SZ look about the same to me. So it pretty much comes down to $$/durability ratio.

As for the leather. Do you know any that have a good body taper but are not equally tight on the shoulder. These are 18.5 and itd be nice if they were 19 instead with a 17,5-18 waist. I'll TOJ it one day I am sure but right now the only new pic ups I want are yohji friendly spring items
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This kid be jelly of ze swagthese
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Originally Posted by lolwut View Post

Nah I was a member from when Aether posted Synth's uncensored pics. Just forgot my pass, haven't been back in a while. Cheers

without knowing who you are i can confidently say you haven't been missed
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I love how he didn't mention what his sn was lolwut.
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i can't keep up with all these fits
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

Where are the pants from?
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

If I may be so bold MOK i feel like there is not enough contrast between the shirt and the jeans. Like the jacket. I kinda want something that has a fur collar nod[1].gif

Fair point - I think there's more contrast in real life (the shirt's got a small dot print that helps) but lighter would be better.
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

MOK, I have to say, I love what you've been putting together recently. The silhouettes are sharper, the colors are more agreeable, and I always get a kick out of your photographs. I would probably raid your coat closet if I could, and since I'm only about four hours north of you by train and it's supposed to be getting cold, I guess it's a possibility. Especially since we now know where you hang out. I think I agree with Ben about this one, though; a lighter denim shirt would go nicely, and a sweater would look good under the jacket (cream aran?).

Cheers - It started snowing minutes after I took the photos. I've got a lighterweight cream Inverallan cardigan that should work. Today was the coat's first outing and I wanted to judge how warm it was as it was.

Four hours on a good train service puts you within spitting distance of the sacred ground that is The Hawthorns, or are you more easterly?
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Synth dont feel bad about what this joker is saying, I actually blur my face in real life because I'm so ugly.

Edit: airport waywt

No baller bag, sorry y'all.
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Originally Posted by lolwut View Post

I missed you too, uncontrol. I noticed that your hairline is starting to recede pretty bad. That must be difficult to cope with given your transgendered aesthetic. I guess wigs are always an option.



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^ lolwut is composer1777

i am not seeing otter's "tell"
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who the fuck is that?
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