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Just went through some pages and feel the need to say there have been some great fits lately.

And I'm happy to see a number of those fits include a piece from Suspension Point smile.gif.
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Originally Posted by xCrunchx View Post

pinroll your pants

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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

someone please enlighten me on this pinroll technique. I see Benes roll is mad sloppy but never knew what a pinroll is.
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We should make a suspoint lookbook (SF X SUSPOINT X TURK CARDIGAN)
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Here's something from a few days ago.
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Took some photos while out walking the dog earlier this morning, not the greatest fit but I figured I'd share.




Warning: Photography (Click to show)






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Wore this shirt for the first time today and its a heavy cloth (being corduroy), so it looks a little boxy. Should soften a little with a few more wears and drape more. At least I hope so. 


Also left the house with a bigger than ideal watch on so when it was getting a little cold, doing the cuff up didn't work resulting in a heavily stacked sleeve. Wore the sleeves rolled up for the most part though. No pics though. Regardless, the sleeves are a little too long but fit is perfect in the shoulders and body (common issue for me).


Fit is supposed to be a little more relaxed I think, so I wore these looser fitting jeans. My Acne Max's were slightly too slim for this relaxed fit shirt.





Sorry couldn't work out how to get the second image into a spoiler tag.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

acronyms (Click to show)

This is the rare guy you see at a bar, and he enrages you with his presence without even exchanging words - you notice he is wearing a leather jacket, you're wearing a leather jacket. He's wearing some beat-up Levi's, you're also wearing beat-up Levi's. His boots seem nondescript and have no fancy decoration, your boots are the latest J. Crew, and you shined them up just for tonight. Yet.... you are fully aware that his clothes fit fucking perfectly and you'll never come close. You were spending the past 3 weeks talking to this girl you came with tonight, but not committing, so that you could keep your options open. Within 5 minutes, your girl is on the way back from the bathroom and in passing, strikes up a conversation with this guy about his style. They leave, and you pay their tab.
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elisix - shirt looks too big rather than stiff. Maybe a hot wash might shrink it a little...
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Sunday striptease...

Excited yet?

Oliver Spencer

Warmer than the Barbour & Lavenham quilted jackets I've got but not quite as warm as down. Room for a thick sweater which should make it comfortable sub-freezing.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





cotton jacket

wool scarf

wool sweater

cotton henley

aviator pants


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If I may be so bold MOK i feel like there is not enough contrast between the shirt and the jeans. Like the jacket. I kinda want something that has a fur collar nod[1].gif
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Damn, thanks Drew.

MOK, I have to say, I love what you've been putting together recently. The silhouettes are sharper, the colors are more agreeable, and I always get a kick out of your photographs. I would probably raid your coat closet if I could, and since I'm only about four hours north of you by train and it's supposed to be getting cold, I guess it's a possibility. Especially since we now know where you hang out. I think I agree with Ben about this one, though; a lighter denim shirt would go nicely, and a sweater would look good under the jacket (cream aran?).

CDH I like your pants (surprise surprise) and I like brown with olive green, but I think you should have gone with a brown sheepskin jacket. You know, if you have one lying around.
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