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quack - id like it even moreif the taper was a little more below the knee near the ankles.
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I like the jacket, but think it deserves better styling. Beat up blue jeans, grey or charcoal trousers, a pair of boots, a longer sweater.
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

SSo you're SSuggesting what I think you're suggesting, KJ? tongue.gif

I think I'm going to try shrinking a few of my grandmother's cardis and just telling people they're Schneider.
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Had a guy over in MC tell me that my SS red Ijevan looked EXACTLY like his mom's/grandma's. redface.gif
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baller grandma
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MCers see grandmas whenever they see wooly texturey sweaters (im looking at you stiches biggrin.gif )
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Who's got tbs codes for gram's closet?
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

cyc wid it is Asian

wut wut


Everyone here should be assumed to be Asian, unless proven otherwise.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

wow this is awkward.

who would've thought that ironheart doesn't work with ccp?
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Yeah, I think we're twins, snake
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Bomber looks great M. eggs benedict.

I, however, rummaged through my closet back at home and have now found myself in an earlier time—about two years ago, to be more precise. I present dr. who in sf-circa-2010 garb:


White t shirt
raw denim
creepy crawlers

The jeans are actually a pair of Nudie Average Joe's I got two years ago with the Clarks. They struck me as too big back then, but now that my thighs have gotten bigger they fit much better. Got 'em tapered since I didn't want to struggle with sizing marked-down jeans on the internet again; gonna just wear these to replace my 3sixteens. The Clarks need new insoles though.
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I guess I kind of don't know what to wear anymore at this point. Love wearing the toj, but it doesn't really work with everything I wear. When it's warm enough to just wear sweaters (oh hey 40-50 degree warm spell), it doesn't feel very stylish to just do jeans, a sweater, and sneakers. Button-down shirts are seriously lacking in my wardrobe, and so are boots; but nothing has really stood out to me. Light outerwear for the spring would be a nice way to change it up (kinda sick of blazers to be completely honest), but that's not really a cure-all to how aimless I've felt lately. Probably one of the biggest factors of this is the lack of access to b+m stores in which I can try stuff on. Seeing clothing strictly online—regardless of how well it's styled—is like looking at clothing strictly through yoox-goggles. So I guess until I get a chance to check stuff out in person, or until something "clicks," I'm just gonna keep doing basic shit.


You´re the opposite of benes, you need more clothes  biggrin.gif


@benes   I like that you ended up going with  a slimmer silhouette on your bomber fit. The one you choose in the yohji thread, with them big ass pants, wasn´t working very well. This is pretty nice, and the jacket looks great. Cool purchase fing02[1].gif

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Thanks. My original impulse was both its easy slim fit wear and also its potential for something more interesting with the right combinations. A good bridging piece. I had been discussing with another member how to connect my slimmer wardrobe to yohji (formidable challenge esp with yyph) and still have interesting and appealing outfits.

Avant yohji bomber is a work in progress, i think ffgs suggestion will do the trick. Or less but still voluminous pants. I keep the faith, I'll find a way nod[1].gif
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Bene: icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

who: I know exactly how you feel, in the same place myself I'm afraid. Not quite sure what to do but keep searching for something that really clicks :/
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mmm jacket fits well.
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