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That's awesome. Bene, the blazer is Raf Simons, A/W 2002.
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synth, boots are ace in that outfit (y)
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First waywt. Sorry for the messy room. Constructive criticisms are welcome. :)

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Buy six get a $0.10 discount? WHO'S IN FOR THE GROUP BUY
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I'm not sure I can swing the $0.49, does anyone know when they start drops? have a TBS code?

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Originally Posted by snake View Post

staying warm

ute ploier mohair blanket. sup snow

so fuzzy! miss it redface.gif
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Why is it 30 degrees in san diego every morning?
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Hurried sloppy pic.

SS/Acne/Dior/MMM + beckel war bag

Sorry found a comfy chair at the airport with a power outlet so I'm not moving.
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Where ya off to?
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Austin, Texas.
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Moar bag pics?

Good plane wear is hard for me to come by. Always ends up looking sloppy. You look good, though.
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Just a basic canvas duffel (made in Oregon IIRC by a small business). I asked for interior pockets to be added, which they did for a small fee. They also generally have colors not available on their website if you call.
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