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Reminds me of Shah's palette

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Caruso wool blazer

Kris van Assche double-layer wool shirt

white pants

burgundy oxfords


I think the jeans are a weak point... perhaps some wool trousers would have been better.  Eh, fuck it.

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Originally Posted by steveoffice View Post

I'm actually liking the tuck and that bag is icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

That fit is dope, and only thing I would have done different is white tee instead of bd.
Thanks Steve O! The bag is pretty neat. It's a spongy material coated in polyurethane to give it a rubbery effect. It's really matte, which is nice. Almost a caricature of a bag hah!
Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

You trying to show me up Snow? lol8[1].gif

Liking the Hight Tops there over Boots man

Would have been eerie if you wore your ss knit in the first pic tongue.gif
Originally Posted by noob View Post

The shoes that got away...

Snow, do your school peeps recognize that you're ballin' so hard, or do these fits pass without comment? Inquiring minds want to know. biggrin.gif

They do.

I've gotten some really nice compliments like, "you dress very well" and "you're more into runway stuff"
It's great because they don't recognize the brands (and I don't tell them about cost) but they can recognize a nice outfit on the whole. It's totally unbiased.

Same thing as the office, people will point out quirks in my outfit. Some girl pointed out that my zipper was weird (plokhov has a asym zip on the crotch) which I then teased her about looking at my crotch. ...can't do that in the workplace haha!

Re pant tuck. The pants have buttons on the side so that's why they stick out. Also I don't really like to tuck jeans into sneakers, I just let it stack.
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2 guys from my new class noticed that i was into designer stuff.
i kinda became friends with them, told them about thecorner etc. because they always asked were i got stuff from.
one of them bought a j.w. anderson sweater
feels kinda weird
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A couple of nights ago:



COS hoodcoat

Schneider two-tone mohair scarf

TOJ slim trousers

Dries sneakers

70's Omega Seamaster








More angles:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Schneider Ijevan

Gap tee

Zam B soft J pants

Margiela gats

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conceptionist, those toj trousers are ace (well everything is but anyway), how did you size em? 

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good fits lately.

tcw, the gats are bad there.
auburn should go for a longer shirt. hagg and conceptionist are fine.
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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post

your fits look good man, but I think you need a smaller wallet smile.gif
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J., fit looks good, but needs another iteration of pedobear pose.
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I have been pretty into Jura's Prophecy these days.

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i thought that was an axe hanging on your hips lol
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See, now I can only picture you with a used parachute pack, bomber hat and flying goggles. Maybe a red scarf floating in the breeze too.
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synth you're gonna get a billion thumbs but I don't like the long tee + boot tuck combo

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