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excuse the double , from last couple days been wearing some variations of the following


zamb two-tone linen scarf (not really visible, wrapped around a lot as it's 9ft long!)
yyph aw05 bunched waist jacket sz3
raf aw03 turtle neck wool sweater
yyph aw04 cashmere sz4
cdg x cons
ute ss12 linen bag

* * *


damir ss11 cap
yyph ss11 long shirt sample sz3
uniqlo tee
yyph aw04 cashmere cropped trousers sz4
vans slipons
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can't get enough of the long shirt.  nice work, shah


edit: yesterday, raking out some new mulch at the dog park.  excuse the filter, it's from my roommate's instagram.


love this W+H wool mac



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Shah - great fits, superb scenery, and great photos.

Conceptual 4est - Coat looks good. I like W&H outerwear although I've only got one piece as their sizing is awkward on me (rather snug in a large too loose in XL)
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
lad musician / zam barrett / wjk / colateral concepts (gloves)
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are those gloves warm?
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There was snow in Tahoe this year, so far fewer fits than last year since most of it was just snowboarding gear. BTW, where is the baller ski/snowboard gear thread? Probably wouldn't be very ideal since practicality outweighs fashion on the slopes but my gear is like 10 years old and I'd like to upgrade to something that doesn't look like the awful Volcom-style crap I see every other snowboarder wearing recently.





that's me on the left



View from the top of Quail Face at Homewood



Käsespätzle made with hot italian sausage, sauerkraut, and red cabbage





everyone's favorite SVB pose (Epaulet x 4)



how to end NYE properly

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is that attachment rfx? awesome.

bene- no. but they look cool. cool.gif
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those boots look really good, art

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Fuck I want to go snowboarding again real bad, we need to kick it stanley.
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tween i want your coat
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J Crew Cardigan
TS(S) Shirt
J Lindeberg Chinos
Our Legacy Shoes
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Fuck I want to go snowboarding again real bad, we need to kick it stanley.

Yeah, shoot me a PM if you're planning on going anywhere local-ish. By which I mean Big Bear, since Mt. High kinda sucks.

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Who'll be wearing the lingerie in the fit pic, tho?
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Somewhere Miran is quivering with anticipation.
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