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a new page for the sf success storybook!
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I don't think Bene's glasses look all that hipstery. They're like, eight times larger than any glasses I've ever seen a hipster wear. That being said, I think they're just okay overall. In any case, his most recent fit killed it. The whole black blazer black pants fit every day schtick is getting a bit old, though.
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I hate those frames, and I feel like this is similar to snowman's frame problem back then too. They're decent fits but to me they're just not all that great and from all the posts that Benes does it just feels to me like he still doesn't really have a real style yet, if that makes sense. In a few months when he gets new frames and starts posting really outstanding stuff he'll be farming the thumbs, just like kawaii snowman is these days
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We haven't had a Barims fit in a while. I bet he's got some next level NYE photos.
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This is how I felt waking up to 40+ thumbs...
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This is how I felt after MS pooped on me...
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700 700


Thinking I should taper these pants a little below the knee, am I crazy?

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Do not taper.
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I think they look good as-is.  Those ricks are working out well for you.

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My rationale was that the way it bags out just before the top of the shaft ruins the stacks and makes the leg seem really columnar, but it could be one of those things where it looks terrible looking down and fine to everyone else seeing it at a normal angle

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What if my style is subtlety varied black suits O.o
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

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those shoes are the best thing ever srsly those are sick.
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Moo I know you are married with kids but a sluttier tee would be better. Overall its good, great fit on that SS. Wish he fit me like that.
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Good hair bro
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Any receipts?

I kid, looks awesome!
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