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My rationale was that the way it bags out just before the top of the shaft ruins the stacks and makes the leg seem really columnar, but it could be one of those things where it looks terrible looking down and fine to everyone else seeing it at a normal angle

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What if my style is subtlety varied black suits O.o
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

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those shoes are the best thing ever srsly those are sick.
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Moo I know you are married with kids but a sluttier tee would be better. Overall its good, great fit on that SS. Wish he fit me like that.
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Good hair bro
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Any receipts?

I kid, looks awesome!
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i dont think ed's ever posted a fit pic with worn in denim. his gear always look brand new
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Took MoKs advice. QH with a different jacket (and shoes)

what shoes?

do you usually wear odd jackets and pants or are these whole suits
Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

stop kopping so much yohji without direction.

i wish i could cop yohji without direction

someday i want to be a doctor that wears a margiela labcoat or yohji to work
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BR scarf


Uniqlo (barely vis)


Epaulet x Thorogood

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svb nice photography can't save that frown.gif
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

objectively speaking, even though moo's fit isn't revolutionary or amazing by any means, it marks the pinnacle of his fits so far. moo got a lot of thumbs up because we've seen his trajectory and it's refreshing to see that he's finally found an aesthetic that works for him (also schneider helps turn any regular fit into an sf-approved fit). as for benes, the bomber fit is a bit too tryhard, if you will. he tried to emulate a runway shot he liked, but it ended up looking very unnatural and forced. also, the glasses REALLY REALLY don't help his case. it screams wannabe hipster. on the other hand, the fit benes just posted is much better. killed it. but stop kopping so much yohji without direction. and still get new glasses. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif now that my fever from my flu has gone down, things start to make sense in my head again foo.gif

Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

I hate those frames, and I feel like this is similar to snowman's frame problem back then too. They're decent fits but to me they're just not all that great and from all the posts that Benes does it just feels to me like he still doesn't really have a real style yet, if that makes sense. In a few months when he gets new frames and starts posting really outstanding stuff he'll be farming the thumbs, just like kawaii snowman is these days

While I appreciate the feedback, and am glad you guys enjoyed my fit, there is not much I can take away from it. I don't think any of you really have a good sense of who I am and so have taken fragments of what comes across here and made an idea of me. Understandably this fiction is one I have trouble living up to especially since some of the advice hits that more so than me.

Nanheun - my yohji purchases haven't been haphazard. They have been black blazers and black trousers. The shapes and cuts have varied. Also some knits. If you take a look at the yohji thread, there are posts by me frequently showcasing items by yohji that I pass up everyday. Perhaps that bomber + flowers is tacky and ugly but I really do like it and am excited to wear it when it arrives. If you could really provide some concrete reference to useless purchases, then I could perhaps utilize your advice. I have the glasses suggestion in my mind but I havent found anything I love, and I like the current ones I have. Guess I am hipster smile.gif. Anyway, also wanna take this time to apologize for being confrontational and that I am glad you are no longer ill.

G trans - chances are I will never get to that level. If I had infinite funds and was dressing someone else, then I think I could. But what I enjoy wearing, and lemao pointed this out (i love black suits), is very basic and only really different to those who think those small variations are exciting or interesting and do not tire of that same basic approach. I only see myself changing the shirts to something with subtle patterning or gradients (like a few nice SS i've seen) or swapping in interesting knits (for the shirt or the blazer). Other than that, the blazer and trouser are sort of a uniform, one that I like and see no reason to overhaul just for a few more likes. I'd rather just work on the details and perfect it in my eyes. If I get just 10 likes on something that I think is perfect a month later, then that's a pinnacle for me.

Btw, just so any future drs don't get misled, its xmas break and my school gives us two weeks because they short us in the summer prior. As a result, when im not doing USLME board review I am roaming SF.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

fuck this is badass

Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

gbear the shemagh makes you look like a turd

Completely agree. Randomly found it in my closet and it was windy and cold today. Should've switched it with SS. foo.gif
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The fiction that we perceive of you is one that you created. Without your constant posting in Recent Purchases or almost daily fits here, I wouldn't have any opinion. But you do this, and of course it will lead to people having an "idea" of you since after all, we don't know you outside of Styleforum.

It really doesn't matter what you think now and how little you think would change in the future regarding your style. Many of us have changed greatly over time, even those who have had an even more cemented "look" than you (see: brad).You're still relatively new here and you post a lot of different shit, and all I'm saying is that it's just very reminiscent what many of us have been through already. We all think shit looks good and we all think that these pieces will be our grails/cores for a very long time and we all think this goes with this and this and that and this too. I'm not even talking necessarily about total change, but about refinement and finding your niche/groove, what you really look good in and what you yourself can style to be amazing, by your own hands. You weren't around when snow was first posting but it was pretty much exactly the same stuff: he had a "look" that he was very dead set on but ultimately still too varied, and it was met with tepid response, but eventually he became one of the best posters we have.

Really my post (and this one too, really) wasn't even a criticism of you, it was just an explanation of why Moo got way more thumbs than you.
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