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I think the main issue with your fits isn't simply that they're all so formal for someone of your age (dressing MC-style really isn't an issue in itself), but rather that they are so formal and so awkward that they manage to telegraph just enough of the rich kids of instagram "i dress like I have portfolio options and an admissions office named after my family" sort of thing. In this case, it's mostly just the rather dorky gangnam style thing; in other instances it's been the combined youth + opulence that a lot of people tend to find distasteful when actually displayed. (Whether or not that's actually a bad thing is besides the point really.)

That said I liked your more "casual" fits best—the "nail" shirt w/ jeans and boots, plus one fit from a while ago with a quilted jacket over a white t or something. That stuff looked comfortable, and it seemed to jive well.

But for the love of god, do something about that hair. It looks no good man.
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Deets on the youtube tab—watching some shoe porn vids?


I want to say yes and then post something really raunchy, but in reality it was probably this on repeat




Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

that's funny because I have been looking for a knit like that, tween


Just keep looking and it will come.  I got this a few years ago, it's a vintage hand-knit one that I came across in a thrift store in New Hampshire but it's sturdy as hell and fits me perfectly (I think)

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Or you can get an Inis Meain Aran cable sweater. I think they went on sale at Nitty Gritty and Norse store

4est - I ♡ that scarf
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That's cheating!  Although they are really nice.. and I think ZissouApproved™?

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Toasty I have one of these and it is serious business:
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Toasty I have one of these and it is serious business:

how is the fit on those? for $50, i might grab one.
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Total dadcore. "Classic." They're insanely warm but you might need a collared shirt. There's a pic of me wearing it somewhere. I love mine.
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Back in the day, we never saw sales on Inis Meain.

There are only cream turtlenecks available on sale at this point, and toasty has been PMed with the details.
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Back home for the holidays, really need a good scarf. Also, Uniqlo ultra light down and heattech are the best.

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Heat-tech t-shirt is pretty damn awesome, It's 29-30 Fahrenheit here and I can wear it and my leather jacket (some wool/cotton blend lining on the inside though) and I am perfectly warm. Need to get my hands on the LS in large.

LJs are ok. Not as warm as my v-ave wool LJs but much skinnier so you can make your jeans significantly more winter wearable. For how skinny they are and the price, not bad at all.
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istasi, is that a Rick jacket? High collar looks great and it seems white balance finally worked in your favour with the KVAs icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


Thirding the HeatTech hype; wore nothing but Uniqlo and NSW for XC skiing last weekend and was more than warm enough the entire time at ~28F



Off to see the SSO - very much aware I need more regular trousers.

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monochrome ginger squad is representing. I am sure the coat/outerwear was awesome too
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