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thanks! haha, since I got PMs for deets, it's:

Foujita face scarf, linen
FW 11, +J double breasted
Yigal wool sweater
Band bubblegum
+J wool trousers, some FW season
CPs Officer combat boots ( I forgot what season sorry)

Also have to thank Artishard for selling me his silent scarf and the gloves for a ridic price, specially since I wear them all the time satisfied.gif
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Originally Posted by click here View Post

Is that in Lyon, France?

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Went to see the Soulages expo at the Lyon museum of fine arts.
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

outdoor no light phone pics
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
cdg+/nonnative scarf and shoes/dvn pants/ss flannel shirt
details suck but pants black w navy front panel

Sorry bro but it's time to buzz that.
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Rogaine? (0)

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im with eason, although it might just be the picture.

is it just me or does the face look like its photoshopped on?
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I'm guessing someone used the HDR on their iPhone to poor effect.
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I think Breezy is slowing turning into Fisher Stevens.
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This weeks yohji

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thats the best bene fit imo.
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i still don't like your glasses tho peepwall[1].gif
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Looking good in the 2nd pic Benes.

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Best Bene fit was this IMO

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Little known fact, boyz 2 men got hold of that pic and asked me to join

i told them i would but the med school life already chose me foo.gif
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