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Oh great, colabear hacked Benes' account.
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I don't think I'm allowed to post the nudes, sorry guys
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all of those sexts would look better with a button down over the v-neck.
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"Hey babe, this is what I'm wearing LOL"

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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Oh great, colabear hacked Benes' account.

I was talking about the reply texts, usually sexting is a two way street. Stop worrying about colabear. We bros. He wouldn't hack me.
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HAHA hand looks like a sloth's
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Think the taper on those pants makes your thighs look even bigger, LB. A little carrot leg action.
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The bulbous thighs in a lot of Devoa's pants don't really do it for me.
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literal LOL

also, ya normally I defend the thicker thigh but thats a little too much on dem devoas (fat league agrees with me too probably)
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I see everyone´s point, yet I don´t think I could have sized down on the pants. Hopefully I´ll start doing  a lot of leg press and squats consistently, and forever leave the "chicken legs" squad . That way I´ll have thighs to really fill them lol8[1].gif


Thighs also look kinda big, in part, due to the 8 pocket thing.  Lots of fabric down there.

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wait what
your thighs are roughly the first half of your leg at the top. That part is too big. the solution is not making them even bigger.
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Yeah, I'm not suggesting sizing down -- I think that cut might just not be right for you. Need something a little fuller in the calves.
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It doesn't look like a matter of sizing, I think those pants just suck.
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