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Find Martha

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
EG duffel / EG bedford / Workaday oxford / APC jeans / Wigwam socks / Our Legacy shoes
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love the roll.
and shes on the top rack in the bottom pic icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

also, is it possible for you to wear a short coat over that? or will you look stumpy?
im trying to up my cardigan/blazer game but i need proper outerwear before i can do so.
all of the coats ive seen are very tailored and will not be suitable to wear over a knit let alone a blazer redface.gif
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Shore, I like it without the duffel.
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I found the Bertoia chair thumbs-up.gif
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Awesome, snowman. I love the blazer.
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Everybody looking so good!

GDL, I love your jacket and sweater.

Snow, the way your shirt and jacket line up in the 4th picture is cool. The pier wu looks like it was made for you.

Magician looking less grungy than usual but still great.

shoreman, I like the duffle and bedford a lot, is that the homsepun from this season?
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schneider (shoutout to banana cognac)



pierry hardy

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Not sure I like how only the bottom button of the knit is buttoned, apart from that though, great stuff nod[1].gif

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tucked in would be cleaner. clean is boaring. you are daring. looks dope ,
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I like all the pieces in this, especially those bespoke boots cheers.gif

but you're getting a bit too aesthetic for that dinner jacket.

Originally Posted by Eason View Post

It was pretty nippy today, 18C
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Originally Posted by forsberg View Post

ummm... is that a fake PAM 372


I think your referring to the PAM Luminor which is a PAM390 SE.

Great fits today guys. Learning about layering slowly.

Just need to adjust to the temperature.
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Was expecting to see h&m mmm side zips there!
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

snowman, I think it's time for you to up the difficulty level of your fits. nod[1].gif

You now have to incorporate items traditionally hated by SWD into your fits wink.gif
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