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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post


I could tell you're Aussie just from the brands.
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Yup - Industrie and Oxford are two pretty staple Australian brands. 


Nothing special but bang for buck on selected items is great.



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love those pocket squares. can't wait till im grown up and have the occasion to properly rock them biggrin.gif
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well you can buy them at my online store right now if u wanna biggrin.gif

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Cold. Leaving for Laos in a week for the holidays. Can't wait


sns herning
heat tech
ann d pants
guidi snowboots
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nicelynice sell me your junhashimoto hook shirt. i'm gonna post this every time you post a fit
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This is something I threw on at the last minute last night. I liked it. Fuck you.

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10,000 posts?
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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post

Usually I wait for the cue from jet but I'm a little tipsy tonight! shog[1].gif

hey i resemble that remark
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Basically it's an odd expression I seem to pull in many photos.
Somewhere between keeping a straight face and not showing too much expression and a half smile.
I see so many dead faces in pictures posted in threads like this. All too serious.
This clearer picture might show my 'smile'.
Not sure if serious. One moment being a dick, but followed with a compliment? lol smile.gif
I am actually. Have had terrible asthma my whole life and its always been the way I breath unless I consciously breath through my nose. Too much info perhaps but just being thorough.

at least elixir has a hot wife coz that's what really matters!
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It was pretty nippy today, 18C
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Mixing wool weaves and textures today for a biz cas look. Marled knit and speckled tweed; bespoke jacket and Schneider scarf.
(I do realize that the jacket sleeve rode up... that's not sprezzatura, I promise)

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gdl whats the knit? whole thing's great

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Brothersport, myk and Hendrix with great fits on the last few pages! Gdl, I like the upper half, but darker pants and black shoes would make this better imo.
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