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I didn't red eye I just ms painted two black dots. you can't tell my identity now. eyes too sunny for y'all
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sun was too bright for my regular spot so i was forced into the corner laugh.gif

siki im
plokhov turtleneck
acne x lanvin (worn for the 11th time in 3 years?)
bros skateboard, say 'skate junt' on the back iirc.
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Was so close to buying those boots at 50% off. Ended up back on the shelf... already have a pair of pebblegrain Thom boots, but these seem more casual. IDIOT. guh.
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What's different on the collabo pair relative to stock Acnes? Only seen a few lookbook pics.
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Sheen I think?

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i dont any acne denim but i think there is minor details like raw cuts along the edge of the pockets (front and coin)
buttons say lanvin. yay.
not much else that i could say is distinctly lanvin. needed some black overdye denim at the time and these were a nice cut.
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Originally Posted by AriGold View Post

This would be much better with some white GATs.
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

you are a photo tease
I can't make anything out in that first one frown.gif

Nothing new in the past two weeks. Just mixing it up.
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I usually agree with noobs suggestions but idk, i like dark kicks better on these. too much contrast on the whites.
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Regardless, the tuck looks bad.
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pants go in quality goes down

boot tuck, nobody can defend that
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Not digging the tuck and I do think gats would look great there.
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Dumb joke. Dude is violently opposed to GATs...
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not violently, ive thumbed up a lot of gat FPs. I just don't think they solve every fitpic problem smile.gif
plus could be black gats. just wasnt on the white train.

dumb jokes used to have a home on SF, till the update frown.gif
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Huh? The Arigold has posted a couple of times how much he hates gats and how he thinks they look like Euro-trash sneakers or whatever, thus the sarcastic suggestion for gats.
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