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can that jacket even be zipped up?
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Look like Daytons to me, think RFX had ordered a pair in that disaster of a sale.
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smile.gif one more person have that jacket now - RFX
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

here's a rando recent pic off the facebook
half a fit:

pretty sure had schneider border trousers and cdiem derbies on. shirt is SS with really cool grey stripe down side of torso and inside of sleeves. knit missoni

The red eye editing lol8[1].gif
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damn i highly suspect salarJungIII is MIRAN
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in stitches starting a trend!
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

this is one the best i have seen from you, or one on my favorite at least.

Thanks bro--not surprisingly, sticking to a limited color palette and flattering shapes sorta works
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Yo back...
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you are a photo tease

I can't make anything out in that first one frown.gif
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I didn't red eye I just ms painted two black dots. you can't tell my identity now. eyes too sunny for y'all
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sun was too bright for my regular spot so i was forced into the corner laugh.gif

siki im
plokhov turtleneck
acne x lanvin (worn for the 11th time in 3 years?)
bros skateboard, say 'skate junt' on the back iirc.
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Was so close to buying those boots at 50% off. Ended up back on the shelf... already have a pair of pebblegrain Thom boots, but these seem more casual. IDIOT. guh.
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What's different on the collabo pair relative to stock Acnes? Only seen a few lookbook pics.
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Sheen I think?

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i dont any acne denim but i think there is minor details like raw cuts along the edge of the pockets (front and coin)
buttons say lanvin. yay.
not much else that i could say is distinctly lanvin. needed some black overdye denim at the time and these were a nice cut.
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