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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

booked tix to Phx will check it out Saturday tanx cyc

(10) ?
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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post
Or you could drive for about 10 minutes to Senzanome and get a Aragosta & Caviale Beluga (w/ 1 whole lobster flambeed w/ Cognac + 30 grams og Beluga Caviar).
It's $350, but then they throw in a bottle of Champagne.
No, you can't get it to go and no, I haven't tried it laugh.gif

Noma's but a bit more though.

Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Joya in PA? That's where my wife and I went after we signed our house papers. nod[1].gif

Yup. Went there on Facebook's tab in December and took my family when they visited CA over the summer. Nice little place, if lacking in dessert options. That and Oren's are my favourite places on University Ave. Mountain View is decidedly lacking in comparison.

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

pizza places in nyc for meat lovers? planning a visit. will dedicate it to getting fat.

I haven't had any real quality NYC pizza, just the sketch late night joints at 3am run by really shady lookin dudes
places there are overrated I don't care how many people line up outside gramaldis or artichoke

tomato basil in park slope is good if you can dodge enough baby carriages hipsters and pregnant women with yoga mats ...
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Tony's is legit. Have had several pizzas there. Even their goddamn gluten-free pizza was absolutely delicious. (No gluten for Mrs). Washed it down with coupla' Lagunitas "Day Time" IPAs in Washington Square on a recent beautiful sunny afternoon.
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My first post. It's mainly about the jacket, but I'd love to hear what everyone thinks overall.
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Lose tie + wear more casual shirt when not wearing a suit/odd jacket. Jacket itself looks fine.
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the price of entry to styleforum SWD should be for all to burn their khaki chinos. or give to the burn
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Originally Posted by ssrock64 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
My first post. It's mainly about the jacket, but I'd love to hear what everyone thinks overall.

sometimes i just want a goth ninja drape neck jacket combined with some sort of ann demeulemeester button stance in a classic timeless herringbone tweed that won't get me kicked out of the young republican club

also, i've been arrested several times for welding live turtles to my buick for reasons which i can only explain through a strange gutteral wail
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wouldn't you have to solder the turtles to the car?
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I cant read any of this noise, just ducking in to say bows jeans look fine and i dint get what the problem is with a perfectly normal looking taper black jean fit that is basically like all the other taper black jean fits here.

Seriously if that looks like shit then i should not leave my house on the weekend because that is how those look on me.
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I maintain it's a bad cut for most people, that WAYWT is a clusterfuck when it gets offtopic, and that people are really nitpicky today.

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fuck this thread
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Tempted to break this up with shitty high school/freshmen year photos but they're too awful and this thread does not need more awful to save it from its current state of lameness.
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here's a rando recent pic off the facebook

half a fit:

pretty sure had schneider border trousers and cdiem derbies on. shirt is SS with really cool grey stripe down side of torso and inside of sleeves. knit missoni
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WTF is going on here? I can't make it out over all the pizza-drunk transvestisexuals passed out in my (virtual) basement.
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