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dat SVB
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Originally Posted by salarJungIII View Post

I admire Ionell's frankness.  That takes guts to admit you have no compassion.
If you got money and you want to keep it, you gotta fend off the greedy others and that takes getting rid of your compassion. 

Sad story.
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svb has improved tremendously since first starting to post here. reminiscing is easy when you've got the power of the internets (oh, what's up internets?)
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Yay "truth."
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Dat Moo

Lol@photoshop but I like it
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

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credit to sq

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Originally Posted by salarJungIII View Post

it's true though, no? 

In my world, no.
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Originally Posted by transient View Post

Not at all. SVB definitely honed in on the ideal silhouette over the past 2 years.

SVB did have good fits overall, but I would not say ideal silhouette
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Originally Posted by salarJungIII View Post

SVB silhouette is too anemic for my tastes. moo is more fuller.

It's not nice to call people fat.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

elisix, heres my two cents (and they're getting rid of pennies soon so take it!!)
look at user RegisDB9 for some inparation. you mentioned that layering isnt really an option because of where you live, correct?
regis lives in Florida/Caribbean and very rarely wears layers.
I think you should start by replacing any khakis with denim and buttoning up your shirts. never wear an unbuttoned shirt please smile.gif
you can probably find a nice cardigan to wear over your tee. something like this
anyways, i think all your stuff fits well so youre on the right track. cheers


Thanks for the words and I appreciate the advice also. It can get quite hot here in Sydney - AUS, so wearing multiple layers in the summer (which were in now) is generally a no go. I'll take a look into your suggestions as it might help point me in the right direction. 


Those Khaki's are a looser fit chino which I wear rarely. I think it might have been the only/first time i've posted them up actually. For me, I thought the Navy shirt went well with them and the issue with that fit was more to do with the uber long white T underneath and the shirt being open.


Most days (most fits you see), will be Chino's of varying colours and Acne/Ksubi denim which is in my new rotation. Blue's and one black. Being a redhead - black rarely makes it's way into my wardrobe. Perhaps a mistake, but it's something i've always maintained.


Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

I've felt that elisix fits were disproportionately tight on the bottom half.


I firmly believe there is truth to this but it's not the pants being tight, rather the shirts being loose. We spoke via PM about this in more detail and I can see how some fits would come across like this. Having a bit of a gut, I tend to buy regular fit M shirts or mostly L/XL shirts. However my waist and all denim/chino's are 32". A mismatch.


This should be the easiest thing to fix though. Up until 8 months ago I was training 3-5 days a week but have let things go a little (I got married... lol). So jumping back on the wagon and buying better fitting shirts (darting existing shirts) should bring the two in line I hope. 

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Better pic plus toj cause it was cold. Sorry for lack of jaw.
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dat jawline

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nice but foreshortening on the legs in the second looks like your torso starts at your knees.
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lesam not a fran of those jeans - look kind of baggy and way too long.
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