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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

I assume you're familiar with the whole "gemming" fiasco and subsequent collective MC mindsplode? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
It wouldn't have been such a big deal if we didn't have this erroneous idea that MC items are quality and value for money and are somehow completely isolated from fashion.
Regarding Goodyear Welting, it is essentially a type of cemented construction as the upper and welt are held to the insole by cement. Now obviously EGs are stil better made than shitty mall brand cemented shoes, but there are also some very well made cemented shoes that are at least equal if not better constructed than GY welted. For example, here's a quality cemented shoe. Of course, handwelted is undoubtedly the best construction method, but we don't and should not buy things purely from a construction standpoint.

thanks. tbh, while certain very technical aspects of clothing do intrigue me, i have not been able to really delve into the whole shoe construction thing. i have never personally owned EGs in particular, but i do own some of the "better" SF approved shoes, and can confidently say they are better constructed than almost anything in the tier beneath them.
There's almost no way you can justify clothing by price:quality ratio. I suggest you stop trying to. I've been down that road and it doesn't end well.

i think you may have misunderstood me. i was not trying to justify anything i have purchased by quality:price. i dont generally feel the need to justify what i buy at all. i buy something if it appeals to me, or if its something i feel i need, thats all the justification i need.

i was just stating, that i have been recently pleased that the items i have purchased, were imo of very solid quality and construction. sometimes construction is not the be all end all, but its never fun paying decent money for something you know lacks in quality, even if you want/need it anyways. its nice to be happy with what you buy from every angle. im not saying that thats an MC exclusive thing either. im saying its nice.

Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

why is everyone on this forum so "fucking" rude? terrible manners

not everyone is rude. smile.gif

also, i find that when someone says something rude here, its pretty much asking to get some in return. not saying its right necessarily, but most people here know whats coming.
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Originally Posted by kinggimp View Post

First waywt post


according to Ronnald I just turned this fit next level
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Originally Posted by i2onnel View Post

^ Another example.

You're wearing a Margiela leather and sneakers with a no name tee and UNIQLO jeans? You def could have sprung for some Dior Homme, Raf, Givenchy, Balenciaga denim... I'll let the random tee slide.

Ok, I'm done with all examples for that. That was the last one.

Alright guys, it's safe to wear random tees - Ronnel's letting it slide. *wipes brow*
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Tuesday lunchtime - bitterly cold but bright and sunny:

Nigel Cabourn x2

Cords didn't look too bad earlier in the day, but have suffered from sitting at a desk all morning. DM's might not be the most elegant footwear, but they stop me going arse over tit on iced up pavements. Canterbury Cathedral in the background for a change of view.
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Previous level phone. Your outfit will be greatly elevated if you had a Vertu.
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I still think you'd be great in Yohji, MOK. Ran out of thumbs...

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I figured it out, toasty = ppllzz alt account.
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ManofKent: I really like your fit, but I feel that if you're springing for Uniqlo you can do a lot better than Nigel Cabourn. Maybe Target?
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If it looks good, who cares? If he hadn't put any brand names on there, would it have made a different impression? If so, I think we're missing the point here.
Personally, I think it takes skill and true style to incorporate high and low(er) brow items into a cohesive outfit.
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Sorry for my blatant copyright material but I didn't mean any offense or trying to be a poser. Was trying to post something "relevant" aside from all these OT discussions.

Lately WAYWT thread has been pretty bad with all the talk about picking up girls and brand synergy. I agree with Tween, just be nice, and keep critiques on topic about outfits and posts of WAYWT. I know it's fun to dog pile and join the current topic of discussion but we have forums and thread for that IMO (DT), and I'm guilty of this too FWIW.

Anyways, I have not been too happy about the OT and I acted out as so...

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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

but to characterize the combination of certain brands that are $$$ and others that are 0.0$ as always incongruous or un-pairable, then i find that disingenuous, especially when you compare them with fast-fashion "houses" that have a massive repertoire of different aesthetics - meaning you can find something from those brands that looks ok with fancier shit.
i think it's a hallmark of good style for a person to be able to pair the cheap with the expensive and make it look good. it's just that most of the time, on this forum, at least, they are done with such disparate brands or with little thought that the combinations end up looking a bit off...
meh....i'm saying this even though i typically never cheap stuff, so what do i know...

+ a billion.... I was about to respond to Ronnel's most recent inanity dissing KingGimp's fit with this exact same point. The ability to mix high and low into something unique and personally relevant and illustrative is (to a certain extent) what it's all about. It's beyond cliche to criticize a fit with respect to the brand of a t-shirt... hell I could wear a Hang Ten t-shirt no problem with the right fit and it would look great... but nooooooo, it would be soooooooo much better if the exact (almost) t-shirt had a Balmain tag on the inside. Wearing all baller pieces all the time is a kop out for those who have neither taste nor style and unfortunately for you Ronnel or whatever the fuck your name is you lack all the critical components that endless amounts of your beloved cash simply cannot buy. Namely intelligence, taste, style, creativity, confidence and for the love of God, a sense of humanity. Merry Christmas dick... I'm sure they sell that somewhere.

btw KingGimp.... your fit is fine, great for a first post brother! nod[1].gif I like that aluminum chair in the corner for some reason. deets? lol8[1].gif
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oh what the hell, ill pipe in too. the thought itself that a high end item needs to have others high end items alongside it, to make it work, makes no sense to me. either it looks good or it doesnt. thats really what it all boils down to i think.
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toast what size guidis you wear? you should swap out the pants in first fit needs more drape or structure on bottom
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43 in Guidis

the pants are sliding down my ass each photo take. Need to sew in another waist button bored.gif

I have so much pants now. The SS Berber jacket looks best with some pleated trousers, tapered with minimal to no break.
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