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saying you're "too nice" and therefore single is basically saying that all girls only go for shitty men/or should sleep with you simply because you're "nice" to them which is petty, if naive, generalizing/objectifying(?) and kinda makes you seem douchey coincidentally.
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Whores need beds to sleep in and people to cuddle with, too. The moniker goes to both sexes.
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

are you shocked or offended or what is that noob? that I use women for sex and tell them to get lost bothers you? get over it. women manipulate men all day every day for money, clothing you name it. most of them are pussies.



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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

Whores need beds to sleep in ....

lol8[1].gif just not mine! you know what "chips funga" means? look it up.
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^avatar makes post.
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

CDHagg stated he didn't have a gf because his friends thought he was too "nice"... not enough of a douche. now I'm not getting into the whole psych game of Neil Strauss but it's close...that girls who fall for that shit are themselves douchettes so to speak. naive, mostly dumb, unsophisticated and subject to manipulation which is exactly what it is. so me being me, I don't mind bagging some ass for a good time but before you know it this girl will actually think you like her and what I'm saying is "uh right sweetheart... thanks for a good time, now there's the door".
I don't believe the majority of men on here who endeavor to cultivate intelligence, skill, style, professionalism, etc want to end up with a girlfriend or worse yet a wife who was procured by such means... but I think those girls are fun to play with because they amuse me.

Oh man, is this what I sounded like after I'd read that damn book? Now I feel shitty
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Kid, that worked in High School like a charm

I miss those days, now I am on the verge of proposing biggrin.gifconfused.gifbiggrin.gifconfused.gif
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Southern Hemisphere checking in.



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Ok, since we're still on the topic some 2 days after CDH post: it can't possibly be a good idea to dress like a baller and spend money like a baller on a first date. Spending a shit load of money on the first date would make a lady feel obliged to put out because you spent a lot of money, putting her up against the wall. I think wearing a hoodie or some shit and spending <$50 is the way to go. Then you can bust out the Dior and douche scarf for the second date and follow through with a home run. #thegame
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toasty that ain't you
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Got something in the mail today. rolleyes.gif

Top is white OCBD under grey crewneck college shirt.
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"I use girls for spare parts

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