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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

I went with the ma1,but I think a John coppidge black man with a slightly slouchy fit would be perfect. Cough cough

Say what now

Oh smartphone...
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...you know my inner desires
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^much better, if doing all dark with no "naughty white" then best to go with boots than white sneaks
Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

Are those the hmmm side zips? Are they jetdawg approved biggrin.gif

yes and they aight
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I like the colors there jet but I dunno about brand new (?) raws; maybe a trouser of the same color instead?
I can feel the groupthink pulling me towards charcoal sidezips. Jet, what do you actually think of them?

Trying to break these in because my old ones are way too big now, but couldn't size down to a 30 without sacrificing sperm production. I don't think the coarseness and uniformity of new denim but if I keep wearing this shit so they get softer, smoother, and a bit lighter so I wasn't completely sold on it either. I don't really have many jeans that I wear but will be copping some diors and black apcs soon instead of collector pieces.

The boots are actually pretty nice, was surprised seeing them in person and thought for sure I wouldn't like them. I've been handling mmm all my life and these basically look like they were put out by the house with slightly lower grade materials (don't know about the construction) but the leather feels on par with the mr hares only maybe a touch softer (which is not saying much). The finishing on this pair is pretty good, not as plasticky as I expected. The shape isn't perfect but it is good and they will be better scuffed up. Currently they look too new and have a sort of synthetic shine I don't like but hopefully that will be remedied quickly as they get worn in. I do like the dusty/chalky treatment on them, however. I have the white pair too and that one you can definitely tell isn't near the distressing/painting quality of reals ones of past but they were still pretty cool and worth the money, going to fuck them up anyway since they will be the default hollywood/stuntin on bitches boots. Once my jeans fade my real brown ones will go in the rotation but they are a slightly different style.
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Did you size the h&m the same as real mmm?
I have a pair of hm 41s on the way and would like to know in case I decide on buying real mmm
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same exact fit
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Thanks jetdawg icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Take 2...
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lesamourai I think both those jackets look fine with those pants.
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Actually looks good moo, that jacket is great. Good color, wish they had it in my size.

Snow, I take a 42 in mainline and a 43 in H&M
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Timberland boots
shitty camera
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Awkward pose.

MMM x 2
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CK shirt
True religion
Alfred Sargent
Tourneau watch

Detail shot
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You guys are all lying. H&mmm fit 5 sizes small. I am a true 39 and I wear a 44 in the collab
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synth i like that jacket with the old mmm highs a lot, really cool look. you sized the jacket well, seems like a lot of people do it slightly too tight

the who looks good too, I want that sweater!
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

You guys are all lying. H&mmm fit 5 sizes small. I am a true 39 and I wear a 44 in the collab

You're gonna have sick fades once you put 'em through the wash man.
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It will be the cornerstone of sufu's hof
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