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You are retarded
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

You are retarded

good one
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The last few days have shown that yes, SW&D IS capable of running with a supposed joke even lamer than the OL '70s wash gag.
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fwiw the ol 70s wash joke started on sufu. what sf saw was jsut the tip of the methaphorical drunk iceberg.
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hopefully you guys will give me a pass on this shameless plug. New quilted glove style available.

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Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post

Anddd you just punched my resistance to snapping up the armenian in shadow from suspension point in the face.

Im waiting on mine from La Garconne - if it fits as good as it does on Snake ill be a happy lad.
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So many hmmm sidezips in WAYWT lately.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Hopefully I'll get mine next week. foo.gif
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Are those the hmmm side zips? Are they jetdawg approved biggrin.gif
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I like the colors there jet but I dunno about brand new (?) raws; maybe a trouser of the same color instead?

I can feel the groupthink pulling me towards charcoal sidezips. Jet, what do you actually think of them?
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Purple SNS fit just cost me £170 from Porter, lol! Looks great.
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How long are those hmmmm sidezips expected to be around?  I probably won't have a chance to check them out until January... they're only at select hm locations, right?

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Norse Projects hat, Barbour jacket, SNS Herning sweater, Rugby by Polo shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Common Projects shoes
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Thanks for all the love, guyz. <3

For those who were asking, brands are Rick Owens x SNS Herning x Uniqlo x MMM (no HM)
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