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at least he didn't say 2%
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

at least he didn't say 2%

now who would say something like that??!! lol8[1].gif
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Yea, I wasn't trying to hate, from the pic it looks like you're kinda stuffed into the sweater but it sounds like it might be the angle.

Toasty, what does that even mean?

All good this is the discussion thread everyone has the right to their own opinion, I like how it fits and if it looks wierd and tight in a picture oh well, fuck it, I'll still wear it.
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Originally Posted by APK View Post

Every guy who isn't morbidly obese, confined to a bed, and forced to wash himself with a rag on a stick thinks he's at least 10% BF. Wonderful phenomenon.

na i'm like 25%
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0% fat, all circuits.
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sipang did you ever watch Evangelion? What you think about it? I think I have watched all EP till the very end when they are fighting those white winged beasts. Thought I seen it all till then...need to rewatch this now.
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Ummm... this is a really dumb conversation but just to clear things up a bit.


Big guys (as in muscular) can look "fat" with certain clothes on. I can't speak for that guy above, but very lean and very strong powerlifters can look "fat", due to big abs, glutes, thighs and chest. There's absolutely a possibility that the mvpberto is that lean, but his build just wouldn't show it.


Just because you're thin and has a decent drop does not make you lean. People who are not into lifting tend to think that thin=in good shape=very lean. Not necessarily true.

Most people I know that run a lot, look slim and seem to be in good shape are probably somewhere around 13-16% with no real muscle.

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Sipang do you obey the three laws?

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Funny you should bring that up
Originally Posted by synthese 

Yes and no. Don't watch it for the robot fights, because there aren't many. I actually found the hype about the mindfuck and related confusion itself to be overrated, especially if you have a taste for psychoanalysis and religious imagery - because that basically sums up the show. But, there are some great moments (and a couple of real WTF ones). It's more that the ending is boring and confused rather than a total blow-your-mind thing, and most of the criticism about it losing its direction and feeling rushed over the second half of the show is fairly accurate. It reminds me of Lost, actually - a lot to decode, but you sort of wonder if it's actually legible enough to be decodable, and whether the decoding is at all worth it; as by the end of the show they're basically just foisting as much symbolism on you as they possibly can. I found it fairly comprehensible despite all that, although I actually have a background in psychoanalysis, critical theory, and all the other "intellectual" tidbits that shows like this enjoy throwing at you. I honestly have no idea how much of that gets through to your average viewer of mecha-anime, but I have read some seriously ridiculous "reviews" or "explanations." That said, a lot of it is so in-your-face it's impossible to miss (cross imagery features excruciatingly heavily, and there is actually an episode titles "The Oral Stage"), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's fun.

My main criticism is that it doesn't really give you chills the way TTGL or Escaflowne do; the big reveals don't really have the fanfare they could - which is both good and bad, because on the one hand it lets the viewer figure things out, but on the other hand if you enjoy predicting and analyzing, as I do, you occasionally wish for a bit more recognition of your effort. Which is a sentiment that mirrors, somewhat ironically, the basic plot trajectory of the show.

I would say that it is not a show about robots that happens to heavily feature teenage angst - it's a show about teenage angst that uses the occasional giant robot as a metaphor. The action sequences, while righteously disturbing, are more incidental rather than necessary - for the most part. Like I said however, there are some great moments - usually the disturbing, WTF ones - and it definitely widens your eyes when you figure out what's happening.

All in all, enjoyable, but the obfuscation is occasionally laid on so purposefully thick that it actually removes the "readerly" (vis. Barthes) aspect and sort of changes the feel of it to high school-level symbolism - there isn't necessarily a purpose to any of it. That being said, it certainly engages your brain, which I definitely DO enjoy, and I found the ending both satisfying and totally irrelevant (the last two episodes are basically a stand-alone film experiment). Worth watching, but not particularly accessible, and I have no fucking idea how it would be watchable if you weren't burning straight through the whole thing like a fucking madman (hi!).
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

sipang did you ever watch Evangelion? What you think about it? I think I have watched all EP till the very end when they are fighting those white winged beasts. Thought I seen it all till then...need to rewatch this now.

I think they took a lot of liberties with the facts and the oversimplification leaves at lot to be desired. Still entertaining though, did you know that Hideaki Anno has a main belt asteroid to his name ?
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Seeing if you are talking about NGE I watched the flick ep by ep every Sunday night (?) when I was like 10-11 on PBS when they use to run anime programming for viewers. Definitely gave me a lot of 'wtf' moments. I then got back to the toward Jr/Sr year of HS and the last few ep were pretty much "why isn't anything happening?"

Then I discovered 99 Red Balloons and that was the end of it.

^i did not.
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The Nena song ?
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I think this
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the song during the credits haunts me to this day
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God's in His Heaven / All is right in the world icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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