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All Shah said was:


the shah 
"i wonder if he trolls his kid lol"


I fail to see how that's started all this...

am I missing something? That's barely even a dig 

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post




Damn Teger, fit is so good, I need to take notes.

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  • 30x30px-ZC-34d5b025_kendrick.jpeg

    "AFL's parents were killed by a wizard"


rotflmao.gif    I´m dying here  lol8[1].gif

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H+MMMM sidezips everywhere.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

95% of your contributions to this thread (and honestly this forum) are shit talking. Do we need to retread back to your hilarious "I just can't stand why everyone is so mean to me so I'm leaving this website forever!" meltdown? Again, I'm actually kind of flattered - for the above reasons - but puh-lease.

can we requote his meltdown? i always get a kick out of that...love how he's claiming it wasn't a bag like the real coward he is
Originally Posted by db_ggmm View Post

lulz were had at this overreaction

i just read it and was severely disappoint, i thought it was an insult what a pussy hurt lil ho
Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

why are you so angry.

i don't think i've ever seen teg lose his marbles like moo du
Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post

thats why he stuck it into the "thumbs up" comment so no one can see

this is some pea brained fucking shit i still can't get over how dumb this is crackup[1].gif
Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Wow you care that someone's beloved pet died
that instantly changes my opinion of you

lol8[1].gif reminds me of the obligatory hey I have a black friend too line when someone is called a racist

There's exactly 5 people who like him and the rest don't, yet he constantly comes in here seeking validation and trolling. I was hoping for an actual insult but I love how he used that as carte blanche to call someone a piece of shit on the forum without getting banned or a warning at the very minimum. Did all you dumbfucks who are anti-iranian actually see the comment? Nevermind don't answer.

In other news, benes posted the first fit I've ever liked including the glasses. Good job buddy.
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i was told to x post this here, so i had to. sorry.

i think the cuffs are too short. what do ya'll think?


close ups that are better than the stupid full length shot above.

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You look like a box, shoes are godawful
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

You look like a box, shoes are godawful

i disagree on all accounts. suck it.

jet - what are naps? did you mean nips?
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Pant colour looks so much better in the closeups than with that lighting from behind.

But I also think you're riding the pants too low,. There's a massive gap between the buttoning point of the jacket and where your pants are sitting, it's not very flattering. Camera angle is also exaggerating the effect.
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I also don't really like the length of those pants. Or maybe being on SW&D all the time made me hate leg openings that wide
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what who said

didn't like the fit until i saw the closeup of the pants and what not you're losing a lot of detail in the shot, shoes are aight reedo will conform in a year or two
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Most styleforvm fit in the last couple pages.
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Originally Posted by Donut View Post

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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post
  • Forums poster "conceptual 4est" was adopted. His family secretly resents him for it.



for real though I think I was swapped out by a changeling (..?) because anyone that sees a childhood photo of me never, ever believes that it could actually be me.  I don't know when I changed so dramatically but it's very strange.

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