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All it takes is one provocative generic internet photo to trigger a 15-page circlejerk over something mind-numbingly inane. If the definition of what a hipster is turns into burger-talk/cell-phone talk 2.0, then I blame you Teger.

<3 u
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Can't stand the hipster ass top bun on chicks.
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

I like these boots (will still need to clean 'em up over winter break), but I think I might go pick up a pair of the black hmmmm sidezips if they're still down to $150. Greyish brown just doesn't work that well with most of what I wear daily. Also, the way that the toe turns up makes the profile of the boots look a little bit funny from certain angles (take a peek at the "left" foot in the top photo). But from a top-down perspective I think they look fine (Click to show)
Oh, I don't know anything about cigars, but a cousin brought a handful of these for the annual guys' Thanksgiving garage-smoking session. They were pretty nice. Jet, I'm sure you could offer some insight here. Tobacco product (Click to show)

This looks like the house roll from their shop but I can't imagine them being banded, perhaps for distribution? I've never had but I'm not terrible well versed in non cuban cigars. I have heard positive things about them so they shouldn't be what we classify as a dog rocket.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Just about everyone 18-35 in San Francisco is a hipster. I spent an hour in the city on Wednesday and pretty much every person I saw was some iteration of ^, whether male or female. 12 different colors/patterns, massive-rimmed glasses, 6 layers of clothing in 65 degree weather, etc. etc.

aint that the truth, all the hipsters seem like they crave attention thus they do these crazy get ups
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With or without???



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laceless is always a bad look
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laces without the shoes is best
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The laces, in that particular photo, are sloppy and don't get along well with the rest of the shoe - IMO.
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Shoes are previous level.
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baller sneakers are previous level
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your mom is previous level.
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current level is the new next
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Nice derailing  lol8[1].gif


I´m gonna go with Moo. I was never really a fan of those laces (specially the color). Gonna try them on without.


I think the laces hide all the splattered pattern and they give an odd contrast.

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