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whoever did that pic did a remarkable job.
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Hey everyone.. I went out and got some brown pants.. I've never tried anything like this color before so I looked through ht I had and
put on some neutral colors to se if it would match. Besides the horrible fit, how do you think these colors are? I'm pale so I figured a cream sweater would look better than a white shirt
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White shirt would look better.. Plaid would look even better.. navy would look best.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

best moo fit, by far.

Actually he's posted a number of completely unassailable MC fits

p.s. fixed
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General comments appreciated, but my main question is whether I should be wearing these Red Wing Beckman's with a black peacoat. Thanks!

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^nothing wrong with that
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I like these boots (will still need to clean 'em up over winter break), but I think I might go pick up a pair of the black hmmmm sidezips if they're still down to $150. Greyish brown just doesn't work that well with most of what I wear daily. Also, the way that the toe turns up makes the profile of the boots look a little bit funny from certain angles (take a peek at the "left" foot in the top photo).
But from a top-down perspective I think they look fine (Click to show)

Oh, I don't know anything about cigars, but a cousin brought a handful of these for the annual guys' Thanksgiving garage-smoking session. They were pretty nice. Jet, I'm sure you could offer some insight here.
Tobacco product (Click to show)
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Thanksgiving with the fam. First contribution here as well.






Hipster ass haircut

Oliver Peoples

Plebe Card

Plebe Shirt



Cousins' new Rescue Pup

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Originally Posted by battmest View Post

Hipster ass haircut

what does this even mean?
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everything is hipster now
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this is a hipster:


none of you are hipsters
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Just about everyone 18-35 in San Francisco is a hipster. I spent an hour in the city on Wednesday and pretty much every person I saw was some iteration of ^, whether male or female. 12 different colors/patterns, massive-rimmed glasses, 6 layers of clothing in 65 degree weather, etc. etc.
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Fucking hipsters.

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