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yyph ......................... hmmmm
dd ............................. CS crinkle just arrived !
cdgh+ ...................... custom j-pants sup papa ivwri
moma ...................... annd
bubble tea ............... custom celine-inspired riri zip clutch

detail shots (Click to show)

lunch (Click to show)
We enjoyed first an appetizer of mirza ghasemi (not pictured), smoked eggplant dish with tomatos, garlic and
onions with some ground turmeric, dash of cinnamon, salt & pepper and olive oil.

Our main course was a bed of steaming saffron basmati rice and a beef stew, khoresht-e gheime, beef, split chick
peas, tomatos and paste, seasonings (salt, pepper, turmeric, olive oil), along with dried lemons that are left to simmer
in the stew and add a sour flavor

The second dish we enjoyed was grilled chicken breast garnished with saffron citrus glaze. served over lavaash, a
thin bread, with sprigs of mint and tarragon, a grilled tomato, and mast o khiar, yoghurt with dried mint, salt, and
cucumber, and of course sumac to add a lemony spice to the meal.

We headed to Dark Horse for some espressos. The barrista pulled a shot for me, then one for snow, and decided the
one for snow wasn't up to his standards.
Little did we know his standards consisted of warmed motor oil...

mr snowman posing as the shah in the damir ss10 cap

My enabling powers were too weak after lunch, I couldn't convince him to forego the snowtuck(TM) and
go for the m.a+ staple ankle boots were great with the small hem openings he has. But I recharged my abilities
with the bubble tea and our snowman may soon be in possession of an iphone5 devil.gif

Miran was also to join us for lunch. But he was baned from attending this event, in accordance with Styleforum policy and
the will of the moderators....He showed up but security quickly had him removed (deleted from the premises). The only
remaining evidence was this fisherman's cap

Thanks to sipang for the great photography
Edited by the shah - 11/23/12 at 6:54pm
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send me his greek fisherman!

nice meet up smile.gif
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We should do this more often
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Shah did you PS something? crackup[1].gifpatch[1].gif
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Man, today was a blast! Good food. Good threads. Good talk.

I can confirm the hansomness of the shah. he eerily looks a lot like me (with a thicker beard of course!) . Somehow he knew more about the city that me shog[1].gif
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edit: i'm stupid or you're good at editing or both.
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Damn nice meet up -- jealous. Moo's varsity is great and Cookz fit is cool

too lazy to photoshop Snow's face onto it so heres me posing

+J, Club Monaco ( no vis), y-3, Jcrew, rachel comey
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

I can confirm the hansomness of the shah.

People everywhere can finally be calm as this question is put to bed.
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I'm a man of the people biggrin.gif

Also, how do find the sns turtleneck? Itchy at all?
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It's itchy a bit in the neck, but nowhere else and it's overall not anything I would worry about. It's definitely not a luxe wool or anything like that - this is a woodchopping and fish wrangling sweater (can also be used at grandma's 85th b-day dinner, such as today biggrin.gif )
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Well happy bday to grandma moo!
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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

edit: i'm stupid or you're good at editing or both.


I literally took a triple or quadruple take on that photo.
Amazing meetup as well.

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Originally Posted by c00kz View Post

Thanksgiving, or something.
1353719185_zps741e5640.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Very nice! What make is this cardigan?

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god snowman is SO FUCKING CUTE ;___;

incredible meet-up, wish i could be there!

@aether: not bad, but do you own any pants that aren't extremely tapered?
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