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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

what's the word on the H&MMM stuff? Worth it quality/fit wise?

Since you got no real answer:
It's nice, atleast the stuff I tried on

The boots are the best I've seen for 300 (shape is awesome and leather is rather nice)
The camel overcoat is cool, fit is good

The painted jeans feel sturdy and fall awesome

On sale, as you asked in some other thread, I definitely think the stuff is good value (not comparing to buying from B&S or sufu)

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Thanks snow and koy and robinsongreen for all the helpful info... fistbump.gif
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"your predisposition to white pants is apparent"

Possible, but I think most who have handled them/tried them on would agree with what I wrote about them sly.gif

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I know, I'm just messing - I more or less agree. If you simply need clothes and don't care that they're from a 'mmm greatest hits' album then it's a pretty decent deal. Some of the stuff though, like the the belt jacket(lol), disco jacket, and the half shirts probably make more sense to wear if they're originals. Painted jeans as well though, I can only see wearing them on the sluttiest of nights. I only wish there were more basics like washed denim and sweaters. Black jackets were sold out at my location =/
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What do the white painted jeans look like? Don't recall seeing a pic
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white-painted jeans (Click to show)

Not trying to be cocky, but tbh they fit better on me laugh.gif (but you can still see the creasing/stacking I was talking about)

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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

I know chop-busting well taken... no worries. If you saw in my post I'm an admitted cave-dweller these past couple months, I haven't posted, I'm outta the loop!! To be expected when I stick my head out for an ill-advised peek!

all good. smile.gif
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MC with a touch of Schneider

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some deets would be nice

what's the pant hem at and what width tie?
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Schneider scarf
Bespoke coat in Dormeuil Scottie Derby cloth
Borrelli shirt
MTM Sam Hober tie (9cm)
Incotex pants (don't know hem, sorry)
Crockett & Jawnz
Mismo tote
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g, i hate you. frown.gif
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That ss scarf works surprisingly well with the mc outfit cheers.gif
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Paul Smith
Uniqlo x2
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Easy fit as always

All Maison Martin Margiela including Cologne
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