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Man tons of good fits lately

TW, best fit for pages. So cool
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your shirt is too tight.
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if there was any more material in the chest area then there would be bags of fabric under the sleeves. It's fine, especially if I lose a little more fat.
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it's not the chest.

It's clearly too small in the shoulders and the sleeves.

The pants are too tapered for that look as well. Nice shoes.
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hmm the shoulder seam lines up with my delt in a standing position. The sleeves are small/short because I folded them up. I don't like S/S shirts that don't touch my arms, makes me feel DYIL.
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Don't listen to them eason you look marvelous.

lol @ gdl, going to bust out my turtleneck on thanksgiving cuz of you
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I hate denver frown.gif I go to the thee-ay-turr and the galleries and that's sort of it (and botanical gardens, and I need to go back to the zoo and the dinosaur building)


I don't post in this thread, but I was scanning several pages back in a fit of boredom and noticed the string of Denver hate.  I realize this isn't the most fashion forward city, but I've found Yohji in thrift stores.  Fashionable, albeit apprently ignorant, people live here and donate their $500 pieces.  




Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

No, were just Boulderites.  We look down our noses at ghetto ass, sprawled out Denver.



Also, this was a little bit of ivory tower racism.  Give me Cap Hill and the Highlands over Pearl St. mall and Longmont.

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Originally Posted by andrewgreg View Post


Who is renzo? shog[1].gif
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Damn, latest fits are so good.
Shah's and TW's fits just worsened my urge for a pair of relaxed wool trousers. Gotta learn to search yahoo japan auctions for those good yohji deals.
Mellow looking good as always. Really got that style on lock.
I can totally see myself wearing gdl fits in 10 years from now. The pieces work great together, even when it sounds incongruous on paper. That padded blazer is sick.
Eason looking good too. Sure, you could nitpick here and there, but as he says he will drop some fat soon and shirt will fit better. I'm pretty sure he's aware of what he's doing MC-wise.
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This talk about the MMM collab makes me think I should go check out the pieces myself. The jacket and boots look really cool. Who knows, maybe I'll buy something full price anyway. Been on the lookout for some sidezips for a while now, and seems you can't really find anything cool in Finland, and be sure of its quality. If they feel as good as people have been saying, I might have to go for it.
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i don't want to turn this into the sidezip thread but as people were asking.. leather for the mmm is noticeably softer, but the hmmm feels reasonably robust and well made. the stitching inside is pretty much identical, and, as others have said, the leather on the mmm is pretty thin anyway. profile is almost identical to the slightly less 'waisted' mmms, and as snow says the 'wash' is very nice IRL.

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Wouldn't have guessed the one on the right was hmmmm if i didn't already know.

Might pick up if there are any left.
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