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Junya cords are excellent
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Couple weekends ago--FairEnds cap, band shirt, EG fatigues, Danner boots
Great Falls, Maryland Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Late pass, but is that the billy goat trail? Love that place. Been way too long since I've been there.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

The fit is ok it's just very Boulder, CO and not something you'd post on a fashion forum.  If he replaces the jacket and shoes with something less outdoorsy and something less ugly, respectively, it'd be fine.

When did people start using my cities name like that...

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I leave for one week and this place turns into Wonka-ville:

- Jet writes something sincere (lo and behold, it is actually a pleasure to read).
- Moo contributes a rather sweet socially conscious post.
- More than 4 hours have passed without benesyed posting four fits with twelve variations each, zipped/unzipped + smile.
- KoY descends even further into pubescent aggression; evolves into younger version of who mikey used to be.
- Mikey, more mature than we've ever seen him, receives the suggestion to start wearing hoodies and graphic t's. Everyone reads this, considers it seriously for approximately 1.22 seconds, and then spits out their plebeshit previous-level venti Starfucks burnt java + crème all over their brandnew Marge&M sidezips.
- In stitches presence, while genial 'nuff (though kinda voyeuristic; but if it's in a Rear Window-way, then perhaps he'll stop the killer once this thread hits page 6,000 or something), continues to perplex the SW&D community.
- Parker has been reduced to fit-less aphasia and it is ominous,
- Regis has a new avatar.
- Hagg bought some nice clothes, put them on a mannequin, took some pictures, and then posted them to the internet. This isn't so much weird or surprising, just worth noting that Hagg also owns mannequin(s?).
- Snow is trolling us; turns out he's actually King of Canada. Every year on his birthday, Canadian children commemorate the occasion by decorating paper crowns and wearing their festive government-issued j-pants and Ann D boots (tucked, of course).
- Tween C4 has recommenced posting fits; we now see he does not only wander the streets of NY (he has an abode!), and collectively wonder if the skeletons of his SNES, Dreamcast, and og Gameboy lie crumpled behind the previous-gen Xbox

Someone please shoot me I can't believe I just wrote this.
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you must be really bored bro
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Cloak / Jcrew / Schneider / Acne / Buttero
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ervell military alpaca
ann d
twin clutch

different day, different hair

kva turtle neck shirt
ann d
twin clutch
ute ploier electric blue trim gloves
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I lower the second variant. Canadian ann d highlander. Also speak of the devil and he shall appear
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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How do you like the Ervell, snow?
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AFL, that Cloak is amazing, what size is it? snow killing it as usual (gimme that Plokhov)
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love it; fit is spot on and its as soft as youd expect a baby alpaca to be laugh.gif
had it for little over a year and its holding up great. no piling whatsoever
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

you must be really bored bro

Really just dealing with the final remnants of a well-earned hangover.

AFL, you're looking rather Soviet and svelte these days. The head-shaving was a solid choice. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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the who: surprised it took this long to get called out on previous level xbox.  you missed the ps2 though.


I put the pstriple in the common area but I have these in my room since I recently played through Silent Hill 1-4 again haha.  I think they're going back with my parents when they visit on Sunday since i haven't really been using them.

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You the best Snow
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