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I don't mean "stealth wealth," because I think that falls into a different province ( I wouldn't really consider myself a member of that group, nor do I know who comprises it) - I guess what I was getting at is the implicit suggestion that wearing things over and over somehow makes stuff into "plebe shit;" that when it's not newnewnew it's boring. That's problematic.
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I was watching the news last night, and there were people camping out in front of a building - young families with children, the elderly, etc. - where they would be receiving a box filled with a turkey, some vegetables, some canned goods, etc. so that they could have a Thanksgiving meal for their families. It was, thus far, the coldest night of the year. Let's all take a second and redefine "plebe shit", please.
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

I feel like that's a look that would work for you.

How could you logically come to this conclusion?
mikey wearing fitted hats, graphic tees, and hoodies? Not to pick on him, but given his height this would make him look like a total assclown. He'd probably look like some 13 year old dweeb.
He's got a good thing going on, no point in changing it. Especially not to "street wear" inspired stuff like that.
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I'm not saying full-fledged streetwear, just elements to keep things fresh if he's bored.

I found a bunch of shots in some japanese magazines of vaguely americana/workwear looks with street elements that i rather liked. I can't find them, but this is an approximation of what i mean.

Though I do rescind my suggestion of graphic tees (it's what's been working for me but my "base" aesthetic is slightly different than mikey's).
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He could wear nonnative.. would suit his build/aesthetic.

edit with link!

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"mikey's totally in his groove now, but wait, here's a bunch of other stuff you should wear!!!!"

Also nonnative is some of the most expensive plebe shit out there
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i gotta hand it to you guys. more lulz on this side of the wall.
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Mikey looking a lot more comfortable in your clothes man. nod[1].gif
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Thanks for the comments everyone, appreciate it. While I won't be wearing hoodies and graphic Ts anytime soon I would like to incorporate more elements of Japanese-Americana street wear influences (see nepenthes look books, etc) but I don't have the wardrobe/accessories to do this right now. I definitely want to grab a few more eg jackets, including a couple Bedfords (want the duck one on b&s!) and a grey wool Andover (sup afl), a down vest, and another outerwear piece. Also would like some cool suede boots. Will probably get another pair of Levi's 511 top when thar disintegrate as I've really been enjoying slim denim as a contrast to my other jeans which are mostly straight legged. All will come in time smile.gif
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Not sure if fits you?
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Shoulda bought purple... frown.gif
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Nah du. Navy is more versatile, then again 85% of my wardrobe is white grey or blue.

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Maybe I'll change my mind once my jeans are a bit more faded, but I usually wear indigo jeans and it's just too much matching blue.
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Still no voice, UGH. Haven't worked out in 3 days to rest this thing outta me and I'm already going mental, but hopefully the Butternut Squash Soup and Stuffed Okra from this GREAT new Lebanese place by me will get me feeling better:
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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

Nah du. Navy is more versatile, then again 85% of my wardrobe is white grey or blue.

Eh, maybe if we were talking about a royal purple. The shade of purple on the Ervell knit would look great with black, grey, or faded indigo.
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