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Originally Posted by teenagelightning View Post

Edit: Non-stop-post-dude there's a huge difference between "Denver" and "Boulder" and you'd know that if you grew up like we did in a weird-ass college utopia bounded by mountains and fear.

lawl. yes, i know that.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post


This reminds me of that one theme park in Lego Batman when you fight Joker.
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dries beanie
lang coat
uniqlo denim
dayton boots
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Originally Posted by istasi View Post

Bene I think you should maybe hold off on posting fits so frequently.. they all just kind of blend together. You gotta start thinking about what fits are really worth posting instead of posting everything

Yes, I agree with this. I don't want to sound too harsh but you're fits really haven't been doing it for me. I know people don't like the idea of brand-whoring or w/e but unless it's a really plain piece (like uniqlo/AA/gap t-shirt, jeans or socks, etc) the brands you wear really do affect the aesthetic. And most of the ones you have right now have given you pretty tacky fits for the most part imo. I think there's a lot you need to change (personally of course), but the pieces that bug me the most are the graphic tops (these can work but I'm not feeling any of yours), the bruno bordese shoes (these look like weird socks imo), and the half-zips (can never be good).

Anyway, I'm glad you're getting into Yohji (couldn't be much different than what you wear now lol), I think it will suit you well. But I also think even with his stuff you should be careful...especially with the diffusion brands. I don't know if this is true but based on the different outfits you've worn it seems like you're still buying stuff that doesn't lend itself well to this style. I really think you should only spend clothing money on those items that do, otherwise it will be a waste of money. Again, I hope this didn't sound like empty criticism but it's just the thoughts I've had.

Also, FWIW, you could try selling some of your current wardrobe to fund Yohji purchases. Even if people here might not go for it, ebay is always a way to sell stuff.
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you need some lighter pants, man. but i can see navy going ok...
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Ive never felt more fat and lazy than when visiting Boulder. Those yuppies are moving faster than a lake county meth head.
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Just recieved everything this evening and tossing some mash up together for ya'll

jet it measures ~ 32 x 80 and according to SP description of a stole, by measurements, this sure is one teacha.gif
i need to learn how to wrap it and it has a good amount of stretch to it. of course it is by no means the tapestry poncho that a few members picked up here. poncho is also about 5" shorter but wider than a stole. I just need to learn that drape.

The lightning is bad in my house but the color is quite beautiful in person. Changes shades of red to orange to maroon in different light. I feel you on the lighter jeans though. Still looking. Actually if I am not wrong, snake is wearing those gray twill jeans that I have been looking to pickup for the longest time.
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There's some art to wearing that shit.
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I was expecting Asian Clint Eastwood. What I got was something... less.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

There's some art to wearing that shit.

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Further proof that CDHagg is actually a robotic troll--the unnervingly identical poses in pictures 1 and 2.
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