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Those glasses make you look old, that's really where your clothes clash with what your wear. Sometimes you look like your clothes are fine fine for your age then other times you look like your too old for the clothes you wear with your glasses on.
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Its weird because he is young as fuck. benesyed how tall are you brah?

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5 10
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based on the pic, your girl is wearing serious heels. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Not my girl, got out of a relationship this summer
Taking my time and enjoying singledom
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ok. smile.gif

either way, she looks nice on your arm.
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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

shawty got a body.
seriously though, get some new frames.
www.warbyparker.com is your friend.

He could probably do better than warby parker.
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not on my budget. if you guys have suggestions @ 100 or under thatd look good on my face hit me up.

ok how about at 100 then 200 then 250. Ill take a look at the options and pull the trigger. I rather just not wear my glasses until I need them in class and hold off or wear my contacts if im going out on a date or something.

Tbh design-wise the warbys don't look bad to me. Construction wise, idgaf. These have been abused and they are pretty low q hilfigers. If they lasted this long, im sure the WP will be fine.
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Respectfully Bene, It'd be a good idea to up your budget. You wear glasses everyday, they completely change your appearance for better or worse. If you buy a good pair that suit you, they'll last 3-4 years before you get tired of the look.
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as a person who wears glasses (mostly contacts, but glasses at least once a week), i agree with the above 100%.
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just get a pair of OP denisons. you can find them cheap on ebay in every single size.

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are persols no bueno around here in SWD?

i have these, and i love em.


available in black too.

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also, bene, its of high importance to try on first. face shape and complexion make a big difference in what will work for you.
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those are fine. i just am not a fan of the persol logo. i say that but i also have a pair of tom fords...... /wrist
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I like salt optics personally for stuff.

Edit: mykita is great too as teger says.
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