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^^ whats with the boots totally unzipped? also, im not feeling the tucked pant leg in this look. sorry frown.gif ^^

lol, teenagelightning. i have a draw to the mountains, and to the forrest, but i hate quinoa. it looks like dead baby maggots to me.

also, that post reminded me of something jim morison would have wrote.
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Benesyed - I can't decide if I love or absolutely hate that fit. 

It's wrong on so many levels that it's actually brilliant.


Like a SW&D version of Miami Vice in space.

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i do it for the kids
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Are they the pants I sent you by any chance Benes? biggrin.gif

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naw i dont desecrate yohji like that
your pants are in limbo somwhere haha

thems just sweats
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Originally Posted by teenagelightning View Post

Ahhh classic grains. Ancient grains. Simple wheat and hearty bran for a timeless meal. Add a pop of color with cool rye. Eat spelt this morning just like your father did out in the forest. He's still there in the forest. Every man needs a wardrobe full of quinoa. Every man is buried in the forest. Mmmm boring barley. Do you remember before the war? We had barley in the fields. Dress it up or down with seven hundred pounds of barley. Out in the fields behind the house. A secret in the barley. Was I dreaming then? Keep your cool this summer with breezy sorghum. Am I awake now? You are not to venture past the corn. Stay cozy this winter sifting through effortless millet in the granary by torchlight. Every winter. There is only winter.

So...Kashi = Next Level Fit?

You should smile more often in your fit pics. It looks good on you. Definitely should zip the boots, though.
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they were zipped up and i changed the main picture to reflect how i was actually wearing it, i just unzipped them to take them off then realized it half way through
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The colours look good in that fit. I know it's a black jacket but if it was dark navy it'd be awesome!
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Bonus pic from halloween

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shawty got a body.

seriously though, get some new frames.

www.warbyparker.com is your friend.
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so that's what it takes to get a smile out of you? biggrin.gif
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hah, I wouldn't call that desecrated! I like it from the waist down, and the waist up, but i'm not sure about both together.

Really hope the pants aren't in limbo for too long shog[1].gif I guess ol' sandy might have fucked things up a bit.

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Chicks digs the half-zips.
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Bonus pic from halloween Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

wow. awesome costume. you look just like this guy named Benesyed, that i have seen post pictures on the internet.
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