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^coat is nice but looks sort of stylistically out of place with what I perceive as the vibe of the rest of the items. Fit and cut of everything is great though smile.gif
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coneptual 4est, you've always been one of my favorite posters.
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I prefer tween.
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tween is truly the superior mutant

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Hudson - boots, Tommy - chinos, Polo - jacket, Tiger of Sweden - gloves.

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Tee is sage colored.

I like the pants, what are they? Are they pressed in this pic?
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During Sandy:

Just got power and heat back yesterday! Good luck to everyone still coping.
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feeling dapper today

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That look works surprisingly well for you ^^

Like all dat brown tweed, one of your best fits imo
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most of the pieces in aether's fit are nice, but together they're incongruous imo. hat is dumb, structured tweed jacket doesn't go with cargo pants (sorry gq) and the sleek boots don't go with the rugged cargoes or with the tweed jacket (sorry styleforum but mmm boots don't necessarily look good with EVERYTHING).
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I disagree with mikenumbers. Aether looks good.
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Pants are Zam Barrett thick wool aether. Fit me weird TBH around the knee.

Also, lolololol

  • Patrik Ervell MA-1
  • Silent Damir Doma hoodie
  • Everlane slate colored tee
  • APC [tapered] Petite Standards
  • Silent Damir Doma booties
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Sorry GT, MA-1 looks really silly over hoodie.
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Yeah, that fit sucks gettoasty. I like the aether fit, I feel like it isn't perfectly congruous by design.
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I dig that aether fit. Earth tones are great. Hat looks strangely unaffected. Jacket looks dated, but in a way that suggests he's been wearing those clothes for years rather than "i found myself in the wrong corner of a thrift shop." It's like if Nick Wooster and Matt Drudge had sex and yet it somehow looks good.
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