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special occasion?
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

I believe he's around 6'2". He'll be fine with the short legged look.
Originally Posted by Nil View Post

That's a cool story and all, but that also doesn't change the fact I know he's only a little bit smaller than me, putting him at around 6'2". This whole debating another poster's size strikes me as very weird so I'm going to refrain from being drawn any further into this madness.

His comment was weird but casey's comment was relevant. I don't really think it matters how tall you are - it's the proportions. I'm about the same height and my legs are proportionally kind of short, even though they're actually longer than the average person's. If I sag something too much it looks like I have a really long torso (I do, but...). I don't really see the problem with it in this fit though.
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Not a very fashion week, went hiking


wings + horns
uniqlo shirt
nonnative croped pants
hiking boots

lifestyle pics follow, for those of you into that sort of thing
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
caught a fish with my bare hands

enjoy your lifu

made gyoza

road was closed, so we walked and hour and a half to an inn in the mountains

outdoor bath was nice with the fall colors
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nicelynice, gotta say - catching a fish with your bare fucking hands and posting nudes of your girlfriend in a nonchalant spoilered post wins you SWD alpha male status for probably the rest of the year. congratulations.
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that collina is fantastic toasty! Did you go tts?
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Collina is slightly loose, you should safely be able to size down. Be on the lookout for a size 38 coming back in stock some time soon.
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These are the new pants that came in, I was hoping they would be a darker black. Im contemplating dye-ing them. If anyone has any experience with that and could advise me thatd be great! They are a linen and cotton blend.

Also, any advice for this fit (or in general), please feel free to PM me. I think this thread has had enough posts aimed at helping me directly! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
My personal feeling was that a cream colored ls tee/sweater would have been better and a jacket that matched the fabric/saturation of the pants a little better. A white button down would have probably worked too

Baby steps towards yohji smile.gif

Motion Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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who makes the pants? they look good. outerwear looks very zara-y. better glasses needed.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post


Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

special occasion?

An intimate gathering of a few old friends for a good friend's birthday.
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your best fit yet i think benes, this flowing yohji-esque look is really working for you (are the trousers actual yohji?)
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Pants are coming soon so kinda haha. And yes the jacket is not ideal. Working on it. Too cold today to not wear one smile.gif

Best part its that i can wear long johns under so I'm warm but the fit is.not ruined. Function + form win.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

An intimate gathering of a few old friends for a good friend's birthday.

it was a good night, went by too fast
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aww that's so cute you guys are bffs

moo's best fit yet

if I ever go to japan I want to stay in a secluded place in the mountains overlooking a creek like that smoking a cigar on the patio just chillin
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it is not surprising that moo's best fits don't involve actual pictures of him
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