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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

bless hoodcoat?
shoes are doc martens?

which model doc martens? i kinda like them
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post

come into this thread, for the first time in months. turn around immediately.
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Lazy day off work:


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Really dig the mustard+red color combo.
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More pics Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I hope this makes up for me being dumb earlier smile.gif
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no because you still don't take any advice frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

no because you still don't take any advice frown.gif

I'm planning on getting the jeans tapered and buying new footwear once i have the cash! What else am i doing wrong frown.gif

I'll write it down this time smile.gif
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so many of your pieces skirt the line between 'interesting' and 'tacky' and unfortunately more often than not fall into the latter category. that sweater is one of them.
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I actually like the sweater, but I agree with Teger's assessment in general that you often go a bit overboard. Not all of your clothing has to have a pattern, distressing, shiny fabric, treatments, asymmetrical necklines, etc.
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I don't think I've worn this sweater before for an fp. I think you are right in general but the only way I'll develop that discrimination is by getting feedback.

Also while in general i agree that sometimes my stuff, esp t shirts can be tacky, i thought this sweater was pretty restrained. Its just an asymmetrical cardigan. shog[1].gif
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That sweater isn't really my cup o' tea, but tacky?
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maybe its in the context of the poster, but it just screams express style overdesign. like it was lifted from a gq article about how to wear new motorcycle culture influenced trends in a conservative office environment to be the envy fo all your office drone peers

you also talk about you want to dress yohji, but yohji seems the antithesis of your style -- his stuff is classic menswear with a slight twist, but in a very dark, simplistic color palate to the point that at a first glance it looks extremely basic/standard, and only after repeated close viewing do you see the fabrication and the design details. also it seems the best yohji fits either rely on silhouette (thus no tacky detailing), or have one detailed item and everything else very simplistic.
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Its just a moto-esque black sweater. That i wore on a t and black jeans. I think you just don't like me Teger :'(

Its not like it was this:
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i don't really care about you either way, i promise. but you make a lot of posts about specific looks you want to emulate, or a style you're trying to move to, etc etc, but most of your fits just scream express ad. if you want a quick fix, lose the graphic tees right off the bat
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I am buying and slowly building my yohji collection. I've worn a few yohji things a few times and id like to do that more. I just don't have the wardrobe to do it consistently. Or the $$$. I have a few things coming in that I got thanks to some very nice SFers that will open more doors for me.

What I post on here are the clothes I've had for a while that im trying to get use of and prune out the ones that are not that great from the ones that are. And sometimes I just want to experiment with fits and styles. Maybe I have a few express like items, tbh when I first got into dressing better I started at what was at hand which were places like express and AE so I guess there is residual.

I don't think that much of what I have posted is so glaringly express-like tho. Ive probably only worn like 3 or 4 graphic tshirts. My other fits have pretty much been sweaters or plain button downs/wrinkled button downs. But maybe I have, and if so, I don't mind having it pointed out. I'll note it. Any thing other than the ts that i do that is heinously express-like?
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