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So awesome RFX. That's it. Inspired me to wear my MDR today. I don't care if it's supposed to rain.
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Im almost 6'5 and the L fit lengthwise just fine. Some longer, some shorter. I do remember the blue/navy scoop was shorter than the gray/white/black ones for some reason, but at the price its a throw away piece anyways. I stand corrected looks like they have gone down to $10.55


I ended up buying 3 after you and thewho told me where to get them from  peepwall[1].gif   For under 40 bucks it´s worth trying.

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Snow, you´ve been making some killer combos for a while. And I have to say the pants in your fits are alwasy great. I remember those huge pockets KVA some people didn´t like much, but they looked so awesome. And the silent ones from that first fit works great with the tuck. fing02[1].gif

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Snow is the superior Canadian smile.gif
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More of an RP than a WAYWT, but I wanted to follow up on the slutty t-shirt talk. Wearing the OV curved seam tee for the first time, and the neck is even smaller than the neck on the AA loose crew tees. It's just large enough that I don't get the "I'm constantly being choked" feeling I usually get from wearing a crew neck.


I assure you that IRL, my forearms are not larger than my head.

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welp I wish my white tee was longer
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can we have some sort of system in place where all of snows fits get our thumbs ?
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That top is doing your body shape no favors.

ETA: also jeans too tight
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i think that's more the mirror/angle
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It's lane's little brother
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rfx and lel killing it with some great toj pieces.

Thanks for the kind/funny comments dudes biggrin.gif
Swiss, the first photo was taken with a dslr instead of my small digital camera so I guess that's where the difference is!
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maybe it's a chick
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