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velva sheen
french maid

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I like how all the clothes are mostly black and white and the only color comes from the glowing light sticks.
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It's avant garde

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Originally Posted by The-Arm View Post

Been a while wdywt, autumns been kind to you. My name is actually the-arm (including hyphen). biggrin.gif
Unfortunately I'm back in the bathroom

change the shoe to all black or something or to bootsss
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Quick snap of my relatively new Batten jacket on a rainy day

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

@mesta: i think its pretty cool but it might need some more volume in the pant area. or maybe its the pic?

Pants are pretty skinny, angle might not help though. smile.gif
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Warning: Daddy Story (Click to show)
My five-year old got a new coat last week. I told her the motif
was called 'herringbone'. When I asked her a couple of days ago
whether she had remembered the name, she answered "goose bumps!?"
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Blazer: APC

Shirt: Epaulet

Tie: J Crew

Pants: McNairyxGap

Shoes: Grenson





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rough texture day
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+ bright orange ikea umbrella because fuck you rain.
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Originally Posted by BostonHedonist View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Nice autumnal colors! If you're looking for criticism, a few things I'd consider:

- Jacket looks too formal for the rumpled pants and chambray (?) shirt. Just my sense from what's visible of the shoulder line and fabric drape. It could probably use more work at the tailor. Hard to get a handle on fit with the angle/not buttoned/backpack, but the sleeve looks long and the whole thing looks a little big for the (for lack of a better word) #menswear vibe you have going on otherwise. Today's sportcoat fits from vitaminh and mikey have more cohesion between their pants and jackets. The fabric on your jacket looks v nice though.

- Pants could be hemmed. Rumpled is fine but it clashes with the more tailored drape and cut of the jacket.

- Shoes are a little weak. Two tone doesn't bug me but the proportions of the wing over the toes and the closed lacing do. What are they?

- The leather backpack looks well built but it'll ruin your jacket shoulder and generally throw off the fit of any tailored jackets you wear with it. I wear backpacks a lot, and I avoid wearing them with tailored wool jackets. For jackets with padded shoulders it will compress the padding, (unevenly if you wear it on one shoulder) and for unstructured jackets the friction can damage/pill the fabric.

- Sunglasses look dated/Matrixy
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Just tailoring the jacket alone would do wonders I think.

Also grey pants, maybe flannel or matching what looks like grey on the jacket would be pretty cool.
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Ann D

Sweater is a bit ridiculous and makes me look even more jacked in person due to it's fabric thickness.
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can't thumb on phone but nil doin it
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