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bows1 is the party
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biggen how tall are you
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196 cm or 6'4 as you say.
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@ Biggen - lower half looks super stiff imho. Needs some sagging and a break.
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Can't really wear them any lower since that means I will start showing my ass to everybody. Starting to realize I need to start buying pants with a longer rise, seems I might be too tall for low rise pants.
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or just wear those pants with boots instead of lowtops;.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Biggen View Post

Sorry man this is not working. This looks like one of those Mr Porter fits where they mix 'street' with menswear. Worn jeans and a white tee help this, or just put on chelsea boots or something.
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Outfit is kind of a mess; I don't know what I was thinking with this mish-mosh other than these were the clothes that weren't dirty at this point in my trip. Luckily the apartment we stayed at in Monaco had laundry so it was better after this. We were waiting for the Casino to open when the weather cleared up, at which point we decided to just go to the beach instead.



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I really hate that H&M shirt
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Jacket is H&M

Shirt is Uniqlo


I kind of figured it might not play well here, but it's very comfy and I felt like the French Riviera demanded something with horizontal stripes.

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Nice pics stanley. The beaches in Monaco look much more enjoyable than the ones I encountered in Nice. Rocks the size of softballs.. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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free hot stone massages
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come to the beaches of the 4est for free hot sauce massages
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My roommate's fit. I've posted his articles from VICE on here before.


Vintage Frames
Henrik Vibskov - Blazer
Margiela - Tank
Ale et Ange - Pants
Rachel Comey - Shoes
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