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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Contrasting cap-toe looks weird when the whole upper and the sole are white.
I don't remember ever seeing those before.
I can see what you are saying
they are these btw, got them from Roden Gray a while back.
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Originally Posted by Adubz View Post

Here goes nothing..shog[1].gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I like the contrast, solid white would be too boring imo
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@ Art, the boots are carpes
Originally Posted by Cacatfish View Post

You look like a total square in almost all your pictures.
lol I cannot deny it
Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

DLester - I've said this before and probably wans't the first... you could go a long way by just putting some type of product in your hair and styling it up a bit. It's always just kind of dry and flat, which emphasizes the conservative nature/shape of it. Clothes usually are well-fitted and interesting.

thanks and yeah others have said this as well. I grew out the top a bit recently and am letting do more of its natural wave thing, but other than that options seem limited because it starts to look bad if I put much stuff in it. It just has a light pomade and something for texture and volume in it in those pics. I am going to keep growing out the top and see if that makes it more interesting. It would be nice to find something that would add shine but not weigh it down.
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@ KJ, those jeans are great but I dont care for the top 1/2 of that fit. It looks too sloppy.
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KJ if you swapped the tee for a white one and put on mmm highs i would probably like that a lot more, which is all you should care about.
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birks look good. can't get behind the undershirt, though.
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Originally Posted by Swiss View Post

You look like an off-duty Nazgul

Edit: Which is awesome, btw
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That is really cool for editorial purposes but yeah
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lol, the crewneck undershirt was perfectly fine...
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in talking about birks, anyone got a link to those Birkenstock slippers for indoors? saw them on a tumblr page and looked comfy
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So my friend got married at a castle in DEUTSCHLAND







(at the Offenburg bahnhof)



lifestyle pics (Click to show)




I love German food. My fiancée ordered this salad at a restaurant in Gernsbach. I thought it looked awesome but she was not impressed.


drinking a traditional German 80 proof liquor of some sort the evening before the wedding


the groom-to-be found it a little rough



it is also traditional to smash old plates and cups and make the couple clean it up themselves


the view from the castle where the wedding took place



wedding stuff:


I was given the task of selecting suits for the wedding but was given limitations in that we had to have matching suits, and they had to be a certain price (pretty cheap), so this suit is from Next UK. The shirt is moderntailor, the ties were given to us by the groom, and the shoes I picked up in Paris at this place called Bexley. Pretty good leather, blake construction, and I like the shape a lot.


I told my buddy that if he was going to get married in a castle in the old world that he really ought to wear a morning coat and stripey trousers. Luckily he believed me and I think it turned out awesome.



wedding pics (Click to show)



my friend in this photo and I have both known the groom since 1st grade so we shared best man duties. neither of us speak German so we decided to just make it as bad as possible and used google to translate our best man speech into german (which we warned everyone we'd done at the start of the speech). my friend then butchered the german and I followed in english. It went over really well with almost everyone at the wedding except the table behind us of the bride's older german relatives. they might have missed the joke a little bit.



guess I am up next


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Could not put together a more generic SF outfit if I tried... shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

it is also traditional to smash old plates and cups and make the couple clean it up themselves

To prep the wife for married life, amirite?*

* i am so sorry
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