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I think you're right. My summer wardrobe's much more trad/california so slowly transitioning out of that look and getting the last few wearings out of some items. I have a few OCBD's but I find them too hot for summer weather - how do you guys do it?

Can't, honestly - I spend all summer trying to wear as little as possible. If I'm not at work in either light jeans or shorts with a rolled-up shirt, I'm in soccer shorts and a running tank. I always mean to buy a few interesting short-sleeve button-downs but never manage to get around to it. Anyway, I have two OCBD's that I can occasionally wear during the summer (at night or if it's cool), and it's only because they're really loose.
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Yo sup regis
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sup cell phone reflection photo

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you look like a guy I went to school with
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snake - they're mr hare fish-skin king tubby's....
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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

you look like a guy I went to school with

"Rob Sneider was an advertising exec who thought he had everything... until he discovered the Style Forum! Now he's about to have to change his WHOLE wardrobe!"
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hahahaha lol'd

i'm growing my hair out...gotta live with the in-between funny look but whatevs
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Mr. Hare seems underrated but also hard to find or overpriced at GP
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You have to read it out-loud in the South Park voice
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New jacket


Trousers need ironing; excusez-moi.
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Warning: detail shots. regis crotch shot included (Click to show)

siki im
custom j-pants by mr.ayo (snowman X ivwri collab)
ann d

thanks a bunch mr. ayo. great work. really impressed and happy with these icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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seriously tho snowman is the best.
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Which piece is W+H? The jacket or the shirt?
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Oh it's the shirt. Jacket is siki im
Speaking of shirts, it's a bit short to stay tucked are uniqlo for tucking?
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For me uniqlo shirts stay tucked fine, they're generally too long to wear untucked though.
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