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Also these from the last few pages...
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maiden noir
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And mellowfellow's pics! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Thread back on track.
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The-Arm, you're quickly becoming one of my favorite posters on here, real inspirational shit

Yup, just wanted to add that you'll always get a thumbs up from me bud!
I dont browse sf on the comp as much (I'm on an iPad) so I can't thumbs up frown.gif

Great stuff from everyone who posted yesterday! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

SnowSynth white is cool.
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Just back from Thailand, fuck all yall.
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what beach is that
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"I think I'd go crazy if I let my fingernails grow out that long, or it would mean that I already was"

ladyfriend's the disney princess. Mine are gnawed stumps.
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what beach is that

Silver sand beach, Koh Samed, Thailand
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Finally getting cold again nod[1].gif


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Nothing special, but the Buttero combat boots and Attachment straight-fit jeans both came up recently (I think in this thread). The jeans are pretty loose in the waist - I have to wear a belt to keep them in place - and slim in the leg. True/natural waist is 30 and I'm wearing a size 2. The boots run long - I sized down 2 from 45 to 43, which is doable but they're kind of snug in the instep.

brands (Click to show)
shoe detail (Click to show)
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same problem i'm having with the attachments...i want to get them tapered because i have very small ankles and short legs, so the stacks don't look good at all on a 7" hem.
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the last few posts have reminded me how desperately I need a pair of boots
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not to sound like a shill, but there are piles and piles of combat/work/ankle boots on yoox right now
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buttero nation lately
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buttero is the new svensson
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