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i believe its supposed to be a slim cut for bigger guys. I wear my pants belted at just about the top of my hips, so the rise looks just right for me.
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I think you might be right because I tried on a 29 and it was still a bit loose on my waist and I think 28 is the smallest one they make (I'm usually a 29-30 in 511s). Didn't feel tight on the thigh either or comes even close to the silhouette in your pic.

It could also just be Levis' inconsistent fits. I had several pairs of 511s and I swear they have 3-4 different fits for it depending on the wash you buy.
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Originally Posted by Rincon View Post

Ah thought so... Almost copped those myself but feel weird abt wearing calf high boots. Wish they had an ankle height version bc it's a good mix of elegant and tough

There's nothing wrong with calf high boots. Fuck the haters. If you like them, wear them. Besides, they're combat boots; they'd look weird if they weren't that high.
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I did not expect Margielas when I scrolled down Noob, had to take a second look
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j.crew polo
RRL white denim
Alden unlined chukkas
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I know SWD does not like blue but I felt like wearing blue today. & the grass is dead.

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the-arm, not sure if you answered this but what jacket and what camera?
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Damn everyone is wearing layers and leathers now, I was sweating my ass of walking around in jeans and tee today.
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^ yep, good to see outerwear again. SF is arising out of summer hibernation....
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Uniqlo, yohji, CP

Also, this guy flew into my bathroom the other day:
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Moo i think you should grow your hair out a bit.

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Synth, those the Silent pants?
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Originally Posted by mellowfellow View Post

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So much style here.
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