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also wasn't drew doing some sort of proxy thing?
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Drew also ceased operations. I use mailorderjapan.com with no complaints for the past decade.
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

As I understand it KKA is supposed to sort of be more of a luxury runway line, whereas Attachment is supposed to be more mainline -- but the distinction between the two kind of blurs. I'd love some info on buying it as well, I've fallen deeply in love over the last few weeks with KK's designs. North American stores mark it up so much (there could be legit reasons for all I know) that it is ostensibly cheaper to proxy it from Japan. The hooded coat brad and I were discussing the other day is something like $800 in Japan and $1665 from Archive in San Fran. plain.gif

I have some information about Attachment and the division of lines at my website. http://harajuju.net/Topic-Attachment

Essentially, this is correct. KKA was started because such a basic streetwear label like Attachment (which executes basic items with a high taste of execution, like military jackets and denim) could not garner enough attention abroad. KKA was started so the brand could show in Paris. Both of the lines continue today with KKA essentially being a more "mode" focused version of Attachment. Personally, KKA is a more interesting label, but both are compatible. KKA has a few signature elements like sharp triangular seaming at the ribs and using hooks instead of buttons as closures.

Proxying is a much better option. Sad to say, this is the case with most Japanese labels, but I find the situation with Attachment to actually be much worse than with a lot of other Japanese labels, probably because the name is more known?

There are some Japanese Attachment stockists that will ship internationally. Randco.jp will and unofficially http://www.mercury-japan.jp/ will. At least, the owner of that shop has agreed to take my orders. Maybe it's a special case.

I guess I don't need to PM you anymore, Reedo haha

Edit: To answer some more questions, it's not possible to order from Attachment's official web shop outside of Japan without a proxy. The brand does go on sale, but most of the good things are gone by then.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Gah herschel supply is the worst.

please elaborate? I saw a 25L at Lizard Lounge and I liked it a lot, but they don't make it in white.
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I've found Attachment sizing and quality to be very consistent, making it one of the safest brands to proxy. Once I figured out my size I ordered the same size in all shirts, jeans, and jackets and everything has fit perfectly. No other brand has been this consistent for me.

Also I prefer mainline Attachment over KKA. KKA feels too much like a Japanese label masquerading as a lux European label. KKA looks more austere and can easily look runway/costume-y if you're not careful, whereas Attachment tends to be easier to incorporate everyday into an outfit for nearly any social context. Both lines are about equal in quality from what I have seen, although KKA is more likely to use fabrics/textures that look unusual.

If you're trying the brand for the first time I'd suggest starting with a pair of their straight leg jeans. They have a really nice cut, look good with most other labels, and the non-distressed versions are reasonably priced.
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Anyone know a good source for some of those slutty tees that were all the rage a few pages ago? I've been on the lookout for some looser/drapey numbers with deeper necklines for a while, but I haven't quite found much that fits the bill. I really feel like it's time to slut it up a bit.
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Thanks a lot Brad and bb1 for the recs. Attachment this season is very intriguing to me. A few months ago bb1 recd me junhashimoto and that collection was stunning to me, but Japanese sizing is difficult to me because I require quite a lenghthy rise. This is definitely an avenue I wish to persue so thanks for both understanding what I'm going for and the rec itself. Chur.
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I am talking drunk from my phone and I didn't mean to day. Hurch. More like a local cheers and happiness peace and love. Peace of cheeses
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looks like a membership in the caseyfud gym of swoleness couldn't hurt for me either...



edit: that door frame is a severe misrepresentation of my humongous height...

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you look fine mang. also i am (relatively) swole these days, and the downside is you can't achieve that much-sought-after slutty tee look without feeling like a total douchebag. foo.gif
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I wanted to get a slutty t-shirt to wear with my next fit. Will this work?

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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

you look fine mang. also i am (relatively) swole these days, and the downside is you can't achieve that much-sought-after slutty tee look without feeling like a total douchebag. foo.gif

arent sluts the female equivalent of douchebags alien.gif
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Diesel Black Gold tee
A.ok Shorts
A.ok sandals not shown

Also as far as being swole with slutty ts. I like to oversize it to minimize my douche-baggery biggrin.gif
I find if i go tight I either have to go skin tight because of the lat/chest to waist ratio makes it looks like those maternity dresses or the ratios workout but i look like a douche
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The outfit makes you look a bit pear shaped. You would benefit from a shorter, darker tee.
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Maybe she's lesbos nowadays but she was a perfect woman when I deflorate her, she was tenderly and lovely, I still love her.
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