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Originally Posted by nineohtoo View Post

I love this thread.
Anyways, since Synth posted his Flyknits with actual athletic wear, I figured I'd wear mine with jeans and give my CdG all stars a break: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
SSUR, APC, Nike.

I am not a fan of that hair.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

PS is white linen.

What Vass?
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Originally Posted by style wallah View Post

I guess my eye's just not used to those fits. I was raised working class, wearing clothes that were too big for me so that I could "grow into" them. Nowadays I wear clothes that fit my body better, and haven't learned to look at other kinds of fits. Something for me to work on, room to grow. I won't post critiques on those fits anymore.

I too grew up with hand me downs etc. But for me, because Ive always had looser fitting clothing I've become so use to the whole relaxed
aesthetic...too much structure just doesn't feel right. I tried the whole fitted mountain man/menswear thing a while back and I just
felt like I was wearing a costume.

Each to their own though, the diversity is what I like about SF.
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Originally Posted by aether View Post

snow, what backpack you using?
I just picked up a cheap jansport redface.gif
For some reason all the cote et ciel rucksacks (in black) are sold out. Wanted one of those.

I noticed a lot of students were using Herschel supply co..didn't know they were that popular outside of the Internet hah!
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Hendrix that is killer. You should check out Attachment / KKA this season, lots of color I think you would appreciate.
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I dig it too, though I'd prefer a neutral tee (what else is new)

Also, if I recall correctly, that same Hendrix fit was the centerpiece of a certain shitstorm launched way back when by a certain poster with a screenname inspired by bovine card games
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Gah herschel supply is the worst.
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babby's first post

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I like the Hendrix fit alright. Something about that T though... I dunno. These fits with with proper/clean V or crew-necks, worn with suits/blazers... never seem to come out looking right. More sleeziness is required. If the occasion calls for more formality, just wear a collared shirt. My $.02.
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One of the interesting things happening in menswear IMO is the unraveling of the connection between tailoring and formality. Like, it's totally fine now to wear tailored stuff in "casual" contexts (though the opposite is much less true). Folks are discovering that things previously meant for specific contexts can be re-appropriated and still look good-- e.g. the presence of a blazer doesn't require all this other stuff that has traditionally accompanied it

yeah watch me raaaamble
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Originally Posted by cb_32 View Post

looking good, especially in that first pic.
what kinda watch and shades are those in the yellow shirt pic?

Thank you. I was wearing a rose gold Universal Geneve dress watch and Ultra Goliath II eyeframes
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Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post

who the f r you? looks like you never post and just lurk, go home or wait you are at home and have no where to go

Christ man it was a fucking joke. Moo is one of my favorite posters on this joint.
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Just got an email about asos having a campus-look competition, and well, I may have uploaded the fit I uploaded here a few days ago laugh.gif
So, if it wouldn't be too bothersome and you have nothing else to do, maybe you could "heart" my fit, and then maybe I'd win, and then it'd be like an awesome late birthday-present from you guys? peepwall[1].gif (my birthday is the 7th next month, and the competition ends the 21st)

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Spring has sprung down here, no more layers.

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Ugh, that tie ruins the entire outfit. Also, I don't really know anything about pocket squares but they're not supposed to make the pocket bulge out that much are they?
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