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Last call? TOJ went on a hiatus a few months ago so I think that's what you're thinking about.
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The Detroit Institute of Art was surprisingly great.




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Originally Posted by Biggen View Post


toj is supernice, but everything else feels....bland

also, awkward pose

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Biggen, those APCs are much too tight, which makes you look stilted and awkward when your ensemble wants to be cool + relaxed
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

i guess they're more formal than a patterned or colored "sport shirt", but I like white dress shirts worn casually when it's too warm for more layers. adding a jacket or knit will always be a more finished look.

white shirts (Click to show)

I'll echo this and add that different collar styles can change the whole feel/look, IMO. I think a band collar is a bit less formal.
To answer you question about my photos, I usually end up rolling my sleeves when I take the outerwear off satisfied.gif

I don't think you'll be seeing much of this snowman anymore, with me going back to school and all. I'm going to channel some Aldo Bakker swag and go more casual


Scroll Down. And yes, that's the grail worthy mmm cardigan biggrin.gif
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I think that look will definitely suit you snowman. How long is your course going to be for?

Me today. Cross-post from YY thread.
Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

Details -
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YYPH (100% cotton)
MMM (100% cotton)
YYPH (100% cotton)
Burberry Prorsum (leather/rubber)
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White yohji less often seen from you, but so good biggrin.gif
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Shah i'm in Detroit for a week

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Detroit what!
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Wandering around downtown today to look at what Toronto's shops have for early fall stuff to get some ideas, ended up grabbing a few things smile.gif and chopped all my hair off. I miss it a bit, but it'll grow back. It was dead on the ends anyways.


The fabric on the sweater is awesome (http://i.imgur.com/Oafq2.jpg)

Also, I know, boat shoes... But I don't have any other casual brown shoes, will be purchasing some for fall don't you SF'ers worry.

Anyways, this shit is super comfy. Gonna go to the lake with some friends now nod[1].gif
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haircut looks good Listi. Now yo need to get rid of the painted nails satisfied.gif
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sperries white cps

do it
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i didn't actually wear the jacket because it was fucking hot outside but i was asked to take a fit pic of the mdr i'm selling so i'm posting it here while i'm at it:



edit: took out stupid lines so you can actually see shit
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Tee, backpack, and bag: Everlane





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I logged on and saw the new trend, and couldn't resist ;-).

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