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That´s a cardigan?? Looks like an oversized collar-less (thick) shirt...

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It's a very thin rayon shirt.  Hemming the jeans has been on my to-do list for awhile but I hate getting things tailored..

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For a second I thought I was in DT section.
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(if we're saying my jacket was too short, then yes, it is on the shorter side for sure. I'm 5'6 so I like to keep my upper wear on the shorter side to give a longer visual legline. Plus, actually kindof random but this may explain it, I tried on the men's small and it was still too big, so I grabbed the same jacket from the women's side in a large...

let's try again:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Brown polo (yes a goddam polo) - H&M
Army print cargos - GAP
Brown/Cherry boots - Timerland

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Black and white stripe wide neck T - TBar
Black waxed denim - Nudie Thin Finns
Black leather boot - Palladium

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That's one of your worst, colours especially, think you could do a lot better.
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If you must go with a polo, look for one that (at least) appears to hug you sholders. Skinny arms don´t look well there. It´s what´s happening to another guy over in MC. I don´t like the pants myself. Fit wise they look alright on the thighs, but too big and making an awkward shape from the knee down. Also not a big fan of the boots. All that + the choice of color gives it a not so good military feel. Just my $0.02.

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hmmm, damn. Thanks for the feedback guys. I figured the colors were all earthtones so some harmony there. Realize different styles between a polo and cargos. And yes, I need to fill out my arms a bit. Pants are too wide from knee down, can see that now - was hoping to replace them with those Epaulette trousers but sold out I think.

ok so pants are in the get rid of soon pile. will rework the boots and use the polo for layering.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Not feeling it. Makes me think of this

I think a different top that fits better on the arms would do the trick.

apart from the mime aesthetic, It looks snug at the torso then very loose at the actual arm holes. Maybe thats ok by the stylegods, but makes me antsy
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I think the striped shirt one is pretty much the first decent one you've posted
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

sorry, but this response irked me so that i had to respond. are you saying contextualization is not needed for understanding, especially in a "niche" area such as fashion. if random dude comes off the street and tells you he's an oncologist and starts giving you advice, you're telling me you won't view him askance? you're not a relativist, so do you only see in absolute terms? if some silly looking dude in ill-fitting walmart items goes around using rhetoric/diction in a seemingly authoritative tone, then he's bound to seen as silly. that's what a new person to a community who sticks their nose too far and right away into a conversation comes off as. how many self-proclaimed stylists are out there who take themselves seriously and look like absolute morons? there's plenty on youtube. sorry dude, the way you've been portraying yourself in a lot of posts make you come off as silly. you seem like you could be smarter than that.

You're misinterpreting my words. Context has nothing to do with how one dresses.
If a random dude gives me medical advice, I would listen to it and discern if it was good or bad advice. Is it supported by scientific evidence or is it just random unsupported shit ?

i'm sure everyone has their own valid opinions, but people have poor ways of delivering - i.e. their social skills are shit. do you go to a party and start calling people you don't know by their nicknames, do you make fun of some dude you don't know because his friends are ribbing on him?

Actually, no, not every opinion is valid. I just told you I'm not a relativist.
And please, proceed to quote a post where I made fun of someone.

seriously, this is an online community with established people who are part of it. anybody with some social know-how, tact, and etiquette should be able to treat this forum just like a "real-life" social gathering. who the fuck is this random guy telling me shit like he knows me and knows shit i know i know? (speaking for the many) plenty of new posters have come in and were accepted readily, because they have good social skills and probably know a thing or do about interacting in groups. people get butthurt too easily - learn to have a thicker skin and not take things too seriously, or continue to be overly sensitive and think you can come in with the sense of entitlement others have earned (rightfully or not) - see how far that kind of attitude works in the real world...

You must be mistaking me for some other new forum member.

how am i to take advice from someone on something specialized when they themselves have established no credibility whatsovever?

Credibility has nothing to do with how good or bad the person's advice is. It might influence how much or how little attention you will pay to the advice but that's it.

some some shitty doctor gives me bad advice and i think it's good advice? how am i to know?

Scientific evidence, critical thinking, reason, logic.
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It's not ALL about post count; acecow had almost 4000 posts but nobody took anything he said seriously.
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yes scientific evidence is a great way of measuring styling advice on an internet fashion forum

fashion is inherently subjective -- therefore, someone's commentary carries little weight without a context of that person's background
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half of volchok's posts have now been spent trying to justify his own existence. this must be a first.
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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

It's not ALL about post count; acecow had almost 4000 posts but nobody took anything he said seriously.

ahaha tru
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Originally Posted by volchok View Post

I just told you I'm not a relativist.

"I'm literally scientifically always right so fuck you."
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